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In this module you've learned about the differen types of energy and how universal white light energy clears out stagnant energy and acts as an "immune booster" against negative energy.

You've learned a simple technique, the waterfall of light, for increasing your flow of universal energy and you've completed your first self energy healing practice session.

This module is the beginning. It is like scratching the surface of a deep, still pool of water. Much is hidden beneath the surface. As you continue with the course, your skills will grow and develop beyond what you can imagine now. You will begin to feel subtle energetics as you do your healing work.

You may have felt healing energy flowing with your first practice session. If you did not, it will come with time. Everyone has different speeds at which they develop as a healer. Some will "feel" the energy right away. For most students it can take more time. Some may never "feel" it, but will start to see it instead. We all have different gifts as healers.


* There are no right or wrong answers to these journal questions. These questions are for you. Express yourself freely.

1. When you were doing the waterfall of light technique to open yourself to universal white light energy what did you feel? Could you feel the energy entering your body? Describe any sensations you experienced.

2. During the self energy healing what sensations did you experience? Did any emotions or memories surface in your thoughts? Did you feel the energy pouring into the top of your head, through your hands and into your body? Did you have any visions or see any colors?

3. How did you feel before and after starting module 1? What changes occurred in your emotional state, physical state and mental state?


1. During the next week repeat the waterfall of light technique and the self energy healing practice session every day. Spend a minimum of 20 minutes a day channeling healing energy into yourself. Practice healing different areas of your body. In the practice session, you channeled healing energies to your chest (heart chakra). Test out different hand placements and see how they feel. As a default, use the chest hand placement.

2. Do additional journaling about how you feel before and after each healing session. Pay attention to little things.

3. At the end of the week, before you start module 2, write in your journal your overall experiences of the week and what has changed for you from the start of the week till now. An example could be if a small pain is no longer there, or if you've been happier or more energetic or don't need quite so many cups of coffee. Just record any little changes. This will helpful as you progress in the course. It will let you see what progress you've made.

Practice Questions

These are practice questions. Some of them will appear on the certification exam. Set up a new notepad, word document or email draft to store all of the practice questions and your answers. This will aid you when you take the certification exam. You can also print them out and keep them in a folder for the final exam if you like.

1. Is universal white light energy:
a. A special form of energy that is only used for healing by this course.
b. An energy that is only received by attunement.
c. An infinite source of healing energy that makes up the foundation of the universe.

2. What is the purpose of the waterfall of light technique?

3. What is the difference between negative energy and stagnant energy?

4. What healing energy is recommended by this course that you use for healing?
a. Universal white light energy.
b. Personal energy.
c. Stagnant energy.

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