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In the previous lessons in this module you've learned about energy and how it affects you. You've also learned a practice technique for increasing the energy flowing into you. Now it's time for your first self energy healing session.

1. Sit or lay comfortably and take three deep, slow breaths.
2. Open yourself to universal energy by doing the waterfall of light technique.
2. Place one hand on the center of your chest with the palm touching your chest.
3. Place your other hand over the first.
4. Visualize healing energy coming in through the top of your head, flowing through your arms, down into your hands and from your hands into your chest.
4. Sit with this sensation for a while. Just feel what happens.
5. Continue the exercise for 20 minutes.
6. When you are done, gently stop the waterfall of light and take three deep, slow breaths.
7. Allow yourself to come back from the healing state. Wiggle your fingers and toes slowly. Then get up and give yourself a long stretch.

You have just channeled energy.

Module 1 was a simple self energy healing lesson and introduction to energy and how it functions in your energetic structure. In the next module you are going to explore the 6 steps of self energy healing and the reasons behind the steps.

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Energy healing can change your life.

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