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Energy Healing for Clearing Stagnant Energy

The method of energy healing we teach is very gentle. Using our method you won't push, pull, draw, or command stagnant energy out of a person's energetic structure. Instead you will flow energy to into the person, place or object being healed.

Nature likes movement. Everything in nature moves. Even rocks. The vibrational structure within a rock (it's atoms) are in a constant state of movement. Stagnant energy doesn't move very much. It still vibrates, but at a slow, dense rate. It also tends to be "sticky" like the principle of inertia. Once in place, it settles in comfortably, making a home for itself. It's like a couch potato that lands in a person's energetic field. It will be reluctant to move on once it's settled in place.

During a healing, energy moves into the person, place or object being healed. It fills them and causes slow, dense stagnant energy to raise it's vibratory rate back to normal. Then the stagnant energy is no longer stagnant. It becomes balanced again and free to move.

Energy healing will quickly clear up little "stagnant energy dust bunnies" but some stagnant energy is deeply settled in. It may have been growing in the same spot for many years. Energy like that will take more clearing, sometimes several healings, sometimes an extensive series of healings coupled with energetic lifestyle changes.

Think of it like gaining weight. It doesn't happen overnight and it doesn't disappear overnight either. It takes a steady committment over a period of time to get that extra weight to move on out. A couple extra pounds will come off quick, 50 extra pounds is going to take a bit more time.

Energy healing for stagnant energy operates on the same principle. A mostly balanced energetic structure will clear up quickly. A strongly imbalanced energetic structure will take more time.

Energy Healing as an Energetic Immune Booster

Energy healing also acts as an energetic "booster". By clearing out stagnant energy, a person, place or object vibrates at a higher rate. When negative thoughts, feelings, intentions and actions come their way, because they are operating from a place of balance, it is harder for it to attach.

An analogy for this is how the human body handles illness. If a person is healthy their chance of getting an illness down. If they are exposed to a foreign pathogen like a flu bug and their immune system is operating optimally, their immune system will ward off the flu bug.

If the person is run down and their immune system is not working optimally that same flu bug may enter their system. Before they know it they've got the flu.

In this analogy the flu bug is negative thoughts/feelings/intentions/actions and the immune system is a person's energetic structure. If the person's energetic structure is operating optimally, the negative influence won't affect their energetic structure.

If the person's energetic structure is not operating optimally they have a higher chance of having the negative influence affect their energetic structure.

If the person's energetic structure is compromised, the negative influence may settle in, turning into stagnant, stuck energy.

Doing energy healing on a regular basis is like turbo-boosting your energetic immune system. Fewer negative influences make it through "the doorway". It also acts as a spring cleaning, sweeping up loose negative influences before they settle in as stagnant energy.

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