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LESSON 1 : An Overview of Energy

Before you begin, set up a healing journal. You will be using this journal throughout the course to jot down notes, experiences, sensations, feelings, and insights that you encounter in each of the lessons.

The journal can be a bound book, but I find it most helpful to create an online journal. Open up your email account and set up a saved draft for keeping your journal. Everytime you add something to your journal, you simply save the draft again. Optionally you can also set up a notepad or word document on your computer.

You will use this journal to track insights and revelations throughout the course. It will also come in handy for the certification exam, as some questions will relate back to journal questions you are asked to complete in each lesson.

What is Energy?

Energy is the foundation of everything in this universe. It exists in all matter and in all things. It is in people, animals, objects, even air is filled with energy.

It is the energy of the universe, the energy of life. There are no voids, no vacuums. Energy exists in all things and that energy is always in a state of vibration.

This makes us vibrational beings and everything in this universe a vibrational object.

Energy doesn't just exist within us and within the objects of the universe. The energy within us vibrates, interacts and exchanges with the energy in everything we encounter.

It is a constant flow, a constant movement.

As an analogy think of energy as water. Water constantly interacts with other water. A small tributary meets up with a creek. The two seperate waters flow and join together becoming a stream. That stream flows into a lake. The water (energy) of the stream flows and joins with the water of the lake.

Water from the lake evaporates, goes into the sky, and comes down again as rain. That rain touches other creeks, streams, and lakes. Some of those streams flow down into the ocean, joining with an even larger body of water.

The water is in a constant state of motion and flux. The lake doesn't say, "I am this lake. All of this water is my water. None of this water belongs to that other lake."

Energy is the same. It is a constant flow, a constant movement. It passes from one object (person, place, or thing) to another and then into another and another as a natural energetic exchange.

This energy comes from the universe. It is the universe. Everything in the universe is made of it. It is the divine spark of life. At it's source it is the vibration of pure love.

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