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A filter is a method for regulating the intensity of healing energies and for regulating what type of energies you allow into your space.

You've already used a filter in lesson one. In the opening to universal white light healing energy step you said the words, "I bring the white light energy of the universe into my body, receiving it's healing strength."

By saying white light energy in that statement, you filtered out everything but white light energy. Negative energy was automatically blocked out.

Another way of putting it is that by stating this phrase before each healing session, you are very effectively letting the universe know that you are opening yourself to positive white light energy not all random cosmic energy.

There are two additional filters that we recommend students use in their healing work. One is the highest and greatest good filter and the other is the comfort and ease filter.

An energy filter is very simple to set in place. Let's do one now. As we do it, we'll break down the reason for both filters.

Highest and Greatest Good Filter

1. Sit down in a calm, quiet place.
2. Take three slow, deep breaths.
3. Say out loud, "May this healing be for the highest and greatest good of all."

Believe it or not, that's it! Before beginning any energy healing session, repeat this phrase, or come up with your own similar phrase. This phrase is short, easy to remember and all-inclusive. It works for you and for anyone else present in the space with you.

By saying highest and greatest good you are saying to the universe that there may be a higher good than you in your human form can understand at this time, and that you are letting the divine spark of existence make the decision as to what energies are for your highest and greatest good.

By adding for all at the end, you are opening the statement to all those present, in physical form and spirit form rather than just yourself.

Ease and Comfort Filter

1. Sit down in a calm, quiet place.
2. Take three slow, deep breaths.
3. Say out loud, ""I bring the white light energy of the universe into my body, receiving it's healing strength with ease and comfort."

You'll notice that this phrase is the same one you said during the opening to universal white light energy step, it includes the words "with ease and comfort."

This filter is optional. Some healers are gung-ho. They want to experience maximum energy flow. They don't want to regulate it to a "comfort zone". They may prefer to work without this filter. Other healers are more sensitive. Too much energy all at once can feel overwhelming to them. They prefer to regulate a healing so that it is gentle and soft. They may prefer to work with this filter.

Sometimes it changes. There may be times you prefer to have maximum energy flow. At other times you may be feeling fragile and want a toned down version. That's where the ease and comfort filter steps in. Use it as needed. Experiment with it and see if it is right for you.

We use it mainly when working with clients who are unaccustomed to experiencing large amounts of energy.

We want to introduce you to one last filter. It is the golden globe of light filter. If you ever feel that you are uncomfortable with the energies around you, or feel that there is a lot of negative energy around you, use this filter. It acts as a cosmic protection bubble.

Golden Globe of Light Filter

1. Envision your body surrounded by a golden bubble.
2. See the bubble growing larger.
3. It is impervious. Good things can come in or out of the bubble. Bad things cannot.
4. See the bubble growing bigger until it fills the room you are in.
5. See it expanding even larger, until it it surrounds the building you are in.
6. Say, "Nothing but that which represents my highest and greatest good may enter within this golden globe of light."
7. Repeat the statement 2 more times.
8. Finish by saying thank you 3 times.
9. There is now a protection bubble surrounding you, the building you are in, and everything inside of it. The only things that can enter are things that represent positivity for you, your highest and greatest good.

This technique seems simple, but don't let it's simplicity fool you, it is extremely, extremely effective. Use it when you need it. But also, try it some time when you just feel a little down, or out of sorts, or even after a bad dream. It is amazing and powerful.

It can be done daily, or as needed. It can also be done instead of the shorter version above before each healing session.

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