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Words of wisdom from Buddha, "I have not given you any set rules, I have not given you a system."

Rules are heavy. Rules are dense. This energy healing course does not have any rules. There is no right, no wrong, no black, no white when it comes to walking the healer's path.

Lesson 2 may appear to be filled with rules. The words right and wrong appear. The words good and bad appear.

The rules that appear here are not rules, they are guidance. Feel them out for yourself. See what your perceptions are. Practice doing energy healing using "the right methods" and "the wrong methods".

The guidance in this lesson comes from decades of doing healing work. It comes from talking and experiencing other healers and their methods. It comes from knowing many, many healers who follow many, many different paths.

In the previous lesson you learned how to open yourself to universal white light energy, activate your hand chakras, and lay your hands on yourself.

It's part of the dance lesson analogy. You learned part of the steps in lesson 1. Now that you've had a little hands on practice it's time to learn the rest of the steps.

The five steps to doing energy healing are:

1. Setting a filter.
2. Opening to universal white light energy.
3. Activating the hand chakras.
4. Channeling energy during the active healing.
5. Closing the healing session.

This lesson is devoted to explaining why there are 5 steps, what each step does, and what happens if you don't use a step. You've already learned the basics of two steps in lesson 1, opening to universal energy and activating your hand chakras.

In this lesson you're also going to learn 3 more important steps, setting a filter, channeling energy, and closing your healing session.

After you complete this lesson you will know all of the steps involved in a basic self energy healing.

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