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Before getting started let's a moment to review the course philosphy. It is our heartfelt belief that everyone is a healer. There are no tools, props or attunements needed to do energy healing. Everyone has the innate power to heal within themselves. It is something we are all born with, but not something that we are taught as we grow up. This course simply gives you the knowledge of how to tap into your innate healing abilities. You are already a healer, even at this moment.


There are thousands and thousands of different energy healing systems out there. Just look at one type of energy healing, Reiki. There are thousands of different Reiki healing modalities that go by very exotic names. There are thousands of other energy healing certification systems as well, most with an equally exotic name.

Many healing courses teach very effective techniques for learning to do energy healing using their method. What we've felt to be lacking, in many of the courses we've experienced, is the freedom for an individual to choose what energy healing methods work best for them, and the freedom to adapt a technique in a way that feels intuitively correct for them. There are often very specific techniques that "must" be done with many healing methods and programs.

We've taken it old school. What our course is teaching, simply and purely, is how to be an energy healer and how to do energy healing on yourself and on others. We've outlined specific practice lessons and steps that are mostly traditional, and added in techniques that we've found to be extremely effective in our work with ourselves, clients and healing groups.

None of the steps and techniques are required. As you advance as a healer, you will experiment and develop your own way of doing things, new twists will intuitively comes to you. This is ideal!

So take everything in this program as a license to change it. You will naturally find the right path for your healing work. We simply provide an extremely solid foundational platform to learn traditional energy healing.

We opted for no patented name because we don't want to give the impression that our techniques are superior to anything our students will develop on their own. In our opinion there is no need to patent something that naturally belongs to all of us. We are all healers, regardless of what name you choose to call it.


The concept of attunements and attuning became popular with the rise of Reiki. Pre-Reiki you will find there were very few systems that required attunements as a part of becoming a healer. Since the popularity of Reiki, more and more healing methods have adopted the practice of a required attunement.

However it is our belief that attunements are completely and totally not necessary for becoming a healer, and that it is possible to self-attune to any energy. Many people may disagree with this belief and that is fine. That is the wonderful thing about our time on this plane of existence. Free will! The right to agree or disagree.

Here's the rationale behind our stance and it goes a little shamanistic. Everyone is a healer. Healing energy is all around us. It is the universe. It is us. It is you. It is in the wind rustling through tree tops. It is in a dandelion growing through a crack of cement in New York city. It is an inherent, intrinsic part of nature. And all things are nature.

Since everyone (and everything) is part of nature and the natural order, they have healing energy within them. A required attunement says, "You won't be a healer until you have this attunement. You won't have this healing energy until you have this attunement." It says, "You do not have access to this healing energy." Since everything is of nature there are no compartments where special healing energy is reserved for only those who have had an attunement. Energy flows freely.

This style of required attunement is a subtle vote for separation. It says, "We're the healers because we've been attuned, they're not healers because they haven't been attuned." It also promotes the energy of "This healing system is better than that healing system."

A required attunement is also a message that the healing system is not "Open to all." It says that you can't learn that system by reading a book, practicing with a friend, or being involved with a group.

There is a sharp contrast between a patented, attunement-focused system and an open healing system. An open healing system can be learned by reading a book, doing self-practice, practicing with a friend. Plain old generic, unpatented energy healing (used for thousands of years) is an example of an open system, and not just our version of energy healing. There are many books and reference materials available on the subject.

We learned many, many years ago, before we even knew each other, the beginning basics of how to do energy healing by reading books, doing self-practice, and experimenting with friends. No attunement required. We offer this course in the same spirit as how we learned. It is a comprehensive, self-paced course that will teach you to tap into the healing powers you already have.


Whose system is better? Angelic Light Vortex Sedona Healing or DNA Matrix Body Therapy?

The samples above are not names of actual healing methods. I made them up. But they serve an interesting point. If you're like most people you probably read a lot of sales pages about different healing systems before choosing a course to sign up with. You want to learn energy healing right? And of course, you want to learn the best system for doing it right?

But what about the fact that both Angelic Light Vortex Sedona Healing and DNA Matrix Body Therapy say they are better than all other healing systems, more powerful, channelled from an even purer spirit than anything else? Which one do you choose then? Do you have to take them both since they're both the best?

Time to take it old school again. No healing system, including our own, is standing on top of Mount Olympus counted as the ultimate, penultimate, absolute best healing system out there with all other healing systems bowed down at it's sacred feet just wishing to be as cool.

This is an important lesson that we hope you take with you when you're done with our course and practicing as a healer. There is no best system, there is simply what system works best for each individual healer.

Everyone is different. Everyone will naturally find themselves drawn towards a system that works for them. As you encounter other healers, it is important to keep an open mind and realize everyone will have different methods, and they are all valued and valid to the healer using them.


The principles of this course are based on the fact that you are already a healer. The program simply lets you accelerate your speed of learning. You can do energy healing without this course and without this certification. You can learn by practicing a ton, lots of trial and error, meeting up with other healers and learning tips and tricks from them, and reading a ton of books on the subject.

This course accelerates the process by offering a step by step program of lesson plans, offered in sequential order, that will teach you first, how to heal and balance yourself, and second how to heal and balance others.

There are no props needed. There are several optional additions, what we like to call tools. They include things like sage, essential oils, and a handful of crystals. All of these tools are inexpensive and available at new age stores, but none of them are required to complete this course. It is enough to simply lay hands down on yourself or someone else. The tools are fun, and they can enhance the process at times, but they are not a requirement in any way. All of the tools you need are already within yourself.

I'll repeat it for effect. All of the tools you need are already within yourself. You are already a healer, you are simply learning extremely effective, time-tested techniques that will aid you in developing your healing abilities.

It's time to get started. There's a brief introduction into what energy healing is and how it works, and then the first practice session. Let's take this journey of unfoldment together.

Namaste, Patrick and Tanja

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