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In the previous steps you've opened yourself to universal white light healing energy and activated your hand chakras. Now it's time for your first self energy healing session.

1. Sit or lay comfortably and take three deep, slow breaths.
2. Place one hand on the center of your chest with the palm touching your chest.
3. Place your other hand over the first with it's fingers touching the first hand.
4. Sit with this sensation for a while. Just feel what happens.
5. Continue the exercise for 20 minutes.
6. When you are done, gently stop the waterfall of light and take three deep, slow breaths.
7. Allow yourself to come back from the healing state. Wiggle your fingers and toes slowly. Then get up and give yourself a long stretch.

You have just channeled self energy healing. You have opened yourself to the flow of healing universal white light energy, you have activated the healing centers in the palms of your hands, you have channeled the healing white light energy through the top of your head, through your arms, and through the palms of your hands into your body.

Lesson 1 was a simple self energy healing lesson. In the next lesson you are going to explore the reasons behind these steps, and learn the biggest mistakes new energy healers make and how to avoid them.


You've learned the basic steps of energy healing. These steps won't change much, but it is like scratching the surface of a deep, still pool of water. Much is hidden beneath the surface. As you continue with the course, your skills will grow and develop beyond what you can imagine now. You will begin to feel subtle energetics as you do your healing work.

You may have felt some energy flow with this first practice session. If you did not, don't let this bother you. There is a difference between channeling healing energy and feeling yourself channel healing energy. The channeling is the powerful part. The sensations associated with it develop differently for each person.

Some will feel the energy quickly, for others it will take more practice. If you did not feel anything during the steps of lesson 1, do some intensive journaling. You may find that you notice the changes in your daily life more than during the healing session itself.

* There are no right or wrong answers to these journal questions. Express yourself freely.

1. When you were doing the waterfall of light technique to open yourself to universal white light energy what did you feel? Could you feel the energy entering your body? What did it feel like? Could you see it?

2. When you were doing the hand chakra activation technique did you feel a ball of energy between the palms of your hands? What sensations did you feel? Did you feel tingling or warmth in your hands? Could you sense energy pouring from the palms of your hands?

3. During the self energy healing what sensations did you experience? Did you have an emotional release? Did any old memories surface in your thoughts? Did you feel the energy pouring into the top of your head, through your hands and into your body? Did you have any visions or see any colors?

4. How did you feel before and after starting lesson 1? What changes occurred in your emotional state, physical state and mental state?


1. During the next week repeat the three steps of lesson 1 three more times. This will help you to strengthen your abilities quickly.

2. Before and after each of the 3 sessions, do additional journaling about how you felt before and after. Pay attention to little things.

3. At the end of the week, before you start lesson 2, write in your journal your overall experiences of the week and what has changed for you from the start of the week till now. An example could be if a small pain is no longer there, or if you've been happier or more energetic or don't need quite so many cups of coffee. Just record any little changes. This will helpful as you progress in the course. It will let you see what progress you've made.

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