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Words of wisdom from the shaman age. "You are thinking. Stop thinking. Just do."

You learned in the basic introduction to this course that everything in the universe is made of matter and energy, that energy effects matter and that matter and energy are interchangeable.

It's time to put that knowledge into practice. The first step to doing self energy healing is to tap into the healing energies that are all around you. The reason for doing this is to avoid depleting your own energies when doing healing work.

Instead of using your own energy to do energy healing work, you tap into the infinite, everabundant, always present healing energies that make up the universe. There is no end to this supply of energy. It is always present. It is in all places and in all things.

This energy can be called anything, and is called many things by many cultures, we choose to call it "White Light Universal Energy". For us, this term is descriptive and clear.

For the first step of hands on self healing you are going to open yourself to this white light universal energy. The process is simple and uncomplicated. To aid you, we have created a simple technique. We will cover other techniques for opening to universal energy later, but this is an extremely effective and simple technique.

1. Stand up and feel your feet touching the floor beneath you.
2. Stretch your arms up over your head.
3. Feel the sensation of your fingertips reaching towards the sky.
4. Say, "I bring the white light energy of the universe into my body, receiving it's healing strength."
5. Now visualize a waterfall of pure white light gently raining down on you from above.
6. It flows down on top of your head and into your body.
7. As the waterfall of light pours down on your body and your light being, it fills ever cell in your body.
8. When you are ready, keep the waterfall of light flowing, but lower your arms and sit back down.

You've opened yourself to the flow of universal energy. Now it's time to activate the energy centers in your hands.

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