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Learning to channel healing energy is a simple and intuitive process. With practice it will feel as easy as tying your shoes.

You've already learned specific techniques for increasing the flow of universal white light healing energy into your energetic structure (also called activating or opening your crown chakra). You've also learned how to activate your hand chakras.

What do you do now? Are there complicated hand positions you must memorize? Should you "push" the energy out of your hands? It can seem complex when you are trying to do energy healing from a place of "mind". The proccess actually starts from a place of "being".


Some people view the world from a linear perspective. They see a tree and they think, "That is a tree." Others view the world from a universal perspective. They see a tree and they notice the wind rustling through it's branches, they see the sunlight dancing across it's bark. They may feel the majesty of this member of the "standing people". They may sense life lessons that this tree can share with them. They may even approach, and touch it's bark, it's leaves, feeling the energy of it's being.

A linear perspective to life offers black and white, good and bad, solid structured boundaries. The tree is seperate from them. They are seperate from the tree. The tree has no energy. It is a thing.

A universal perspective sees the divine present within the tree. It sees the tree as an energetic structure, just like themselves, with a life path to follow. The tree has energy. It is a being.

Channeling healing energy takes a person having a universal perspective to life. It cannot be taught with words and diagrams, charts and rules. It cannot be taught at all. Instead it is "experienced" and "felt".

Artists know what this means. Dreamers do as well. Channeling healing energy is tapping into the divine. It is opening yourself to your own intuition. It is "feeling" and allowing "feeling" to move through you. The feeling in question is love.

Have you ever been engaged in an activity that felt so wonderful, so all-encompassing and engrossing that you lost track of time and "lost yourself" in what you were doing? Perhaps during a run, or a meditation, or while doing art, or having sex.

What happened is you tapped into the divine.


Tapping into the divine is a term for tapping into your intuition, tapping into the universe, tapping into the moment.

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