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Lesson 11 is a primer on the difference between channeling universal white light energy out through your hands and drawing negative or stagnant energy into your hands.

Energy can flow through your hands in two ways.

It can flow through you, through your hands, and out into something else. This is called channeling energy and is also commonly called giving energy.

It can also flow from something else, through your hands and into you. This is called drawing energy and can also be considered receiving energy.

We don't recommend drawing energy as an energy healing method.


Many people new to energy healing don't realize there is a difference between channeling energy and drawing energy. Hey! They're feeling energy move for the first time. That's very exciting!

And a common conception of new energy healers is that they want to pull stagnant energy or negative energy out of themselves or someone else. You gotta get rid of it somehow right? Think of some of the practices of modern medicine; They remove tumors, suspicious patches of skin, even organs on a regular basis. It's no wonder we're ingrained to the idea of removing things.

Energy healing must work on the same principle right? You pull out the bad stuff? No.

When you draw negative or stagnant energy out of something using your hands, you pull that energy into your energetic structure. If you are doing self healing work you haven't expelled the energy. You've simply taken it from one location in your body and pulled in to your hands. Later on that energy will reattach itself somewhere else in your body.

If you are doing healing work on someone or something other than, you draw the negative/stagnant energy out of them and into you. Doesn't sound very wholesome does it?


We're going to create a fictitious healer named Samantha for this drawing in energy analogy. Samantha is a beginning energy healer. She has a small cut on her leg. It isn't healing well and has become mildly infected and inflamed. It is red and itchy and has been there for a few weeks.

She lays her hands on the cut and "draws" the infection out with her hands.

While she's focused on drawing the infection out she doesn't notice she's also pulling it into her hands. The same yucky energy that was in the infection in the cut is now in her hands.

That yucky energy is now travelling through her auric field and her energetic structure looking for a another place to attach itself. The cut may get better but some other small ailment elsewhere in her body is likely to surface soon. She has simply transferred the energy around, not gotten rid of it.


Drawing energy simply moves it from one place in your body and auric field to another. We've already described what happens when you draw energy from yourself into yourself. But what happens if you draw energy from someone or something else into yourself?

If it's good energy, the effect can be good. An example would be drawing energy from a sacred place into yourself. That type of activity will be discussed in later lessons.

If it's bad energy though, the effect is bad.

The analogy with Samantha was a minor example of self energy healing that doesn't go as planned. But what if Samantha was doing healing on another person? What if that other person had a bigger issue than a small cut on their leg? What if they had a "lot" of stagnant energy and Samantha used this same technique?

Well now that stagnant energy that had been in the person she was healing is inside of her energetic structure. Chances are what will happen is the person will feel much better from the healing because some of the stagnant energy stuck in them was drawn out, but Samantha will end up feeling worse because she inadvertently drew it into herself.

This is why healers who draw energy often heal others very effectively but get sick afterwards, sometimes very sick.

A case in point. We attended a conference several years back where one of the speakers used the technique of drawing energy. She was quite proud of it, and the audience was awed by her techniques. She would draw the negative energy out of a person and into herself. She would then transmutate the energy by becoming violently ill for a day or two, vomiting and experiencing intense flu symptoms, before fully releasing it.

Yikes! It impressed a lot of the conference attendees but we and quite a few other advanced energy healers were astounded that she chose to practice in this fashion. Why turn yourself into a stagnant energy sponge if you don't have to?


So how does channeling energy work? Channeling the ever-abundant, infinite supply of universal white light healing energy through you and into something else is extremely effective for the person/animal/place/item being healed and it doesn't take a toll on you, the healer.

As we've stated before, channeling energy works by opening yourself to a pure outside source, receiving healing energy from the outside source, letting the healing energy move through you, into your hands and into the person/animal/item/place being healed.

In contrast to drawing energy, the effects of channeling energy are beneficial for both you and the person being healed. As the healer, you will have pure healing energy flow through you. As it flows through you, it is also sharing that healing with you before moving on to the individual being healed.

This provides a twofold effect. It is as though you are healing yourself and the other person at the same time. It's one of the reasons energy healing professionals love their work! It feels good. If it is a self healing, the healing is magnified twice as well.

As the universal white light energy fills in the space that negative or stagnant energy was occupying, it dissipates and purifies the negative/stagnant energy, returning it to the flow.

Drawing energy just moves stagnant and negative energy around. It doesn't get rid of it. Channeling universal white light energy dissipates and purifies the negative/stagnant energy until it becomes pure white light energy. It effectively and completely transforms it.

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