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This lesson will explain what a hand chakra is, why it's one of the most powerful tools in a healer's toolkit, and why you activate your hand chakras before doing energy healing. You will want to practice activating your hand chakras on a regular basis. The more you do it the more it will become second nature. The next lesson will cover a complete step by step tutorial for how to activate your hand chakras. First, let's cover some basics.


Every person has an energy center in the palm of each of their hands. This energy center is often referred to as a chakra. Because of it's location in the hand it is called a hand chakra. Nice and simple.

The hand chakras are some of the easiest for new energy healers to feel. As you advance in your healing work you will find you don't need to channel healing through your hands. You can channel it through any part of your body or auric field. You can channel energy with your eyes, your voice, any part of your body, and your mind.

Those are advanced techniques. When a person is new to healing work the hand chakras are the best to get started with because it is very easy to start "sensing" the energy in these two chakra centers.


Activating, also commonly referred to as opening, your hand chakras allows the universal white light energy to flow from your hands easier.

Here's an analogy. Think of a kitchen faucet. You turn on a spigot and water begins to flow. You turn off a spigot and water stops flowing.

Your hands are the kitchen faucet and the water is healing energy. The spigot is what you're learning in this course, how to regulate the healing energy until you can turn it on and off at will.

You can do hands on healing without activating your hand chakras, but what you will find is that the energy flows more freely when you do activate them before a healing. This amplifies the healing work, making it stronger and more effective.


Following the 6 steps of energy healing, you will first set your intention and second open yourself to universal white light energy. After these two steps, you activate your hand chakras.

A quick explanation of why the steps are in this order. Setting your intent taps you into the divine and gives the universe the message of what you want to accomplish from your healing session. Opening yourself to universal white light energy turns on the faucet (increases the flow) of healing energy into your energetic structure.

Once you have increased your flow of universal white light energy, the healing energy flows in through your crown chakra, through every cell of your body.

Activating your hand chakras increases the flow of energy that can move through them and into the person/place/object being healed (even if the person being healed is you). One of the most important practice exercises you can do to learn energy healing is to do regular work with your hand chakras.

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