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Opening to universal white light energy is the second step for energy healing. One of the most common mistakes new healers make is using their own personal energy for healing instead of channeling from the infinite supply of universal energy.


You learned in module 1 that universal white light energy is the foundation of everything. It is in you, in the cup you drink from, the walls of the house you live, and the air you breathe.

It is ever present and always flowing. The strength of that flow is not always the same though. We're going to use a water pressure analogy. Say one kitchen faucet has low water pressure and another has higher water pressure. It takes longer for the kitchen faucet with low water pressure to fill the kitchen sink.

For a person who hasn't done much energy healing, unless they have a strong connection to the divine the water pressure (flow of universal energy) is likely to be low. There are many factors that contribute to this. One is how much stagnant energy they have in their energetic structure. Another is how balanced their energetic structure and chakra systems are. A third factor is their connection to the divine.

Each person's natural flow of universal energy will be different. It may take one person a minute to "fill back up" if they expend personal energy. It may take another a month. It may take another a lifetime.


Personal energy is the energy that is currently in your energetic structure.

As an oversimplification we'll call the natural state of humans and other creatures that of a "mostly closed circuit". As an analogy envision a circle with energy moving through it in a circular pattern. There are a few holes in the circle (power spots) where energy tends to enter and leave. Most of the energy will continue to circulate in this enclosed environment while some will come in and go out.

That circular environment is created by the auric field surrounding you. The auric field, also referred to as the human energy field is a "shield". It protects you from outside influences and the environment around you.

Imagine a multi-layered bubble of light energy that surrounds you top, bottom, front, back and on your sides.

That bubble of light energy protects you energetically as you go about your life. Some energy comes in through it and some energy goes out through it mostly through the power centers (chakras). It stays in a fairly closed circuit. The energy inside of it is your personal energy.


If you have not opened yourself to an outside source of healing energy you expend your own energy during the healing work process.

That energy gets used up and since your circuit (auric field) is in a mostly closed state you now have less personal energy than you did when you started. The energy has "gone" into the other object and is no longer "in" you.

Universal energy will come back into you, but it will take time to "refill" depending on how strong the flow is entering you.

Here's an analogy to help make it clear. Imagine that you have filled a bathtub with water. The bathtub has a certain amount of water in it now. Maybe the faucet on your bathtub drips, so there may be a "little" more water being added to the bathtub, but not alot.

Now say you walked away from the bathtub for 24 hours. If your drain stopper doesn't leak you will see the same amount of water in your bathtub, maybe a "little" more because of the dripping faucet.

But what happens if you pull that drain stopper for 2 minutes? 2 minutes later quite a bit of water has left. Even after you put the drain stopper back in place, your bathtub will have much less water in it.

Because (in this analogy) the faucet drips and the stopper is tight, the bathtub will eventually fill back up with water to the same level as before the stopper was pulled. But it may take anywhere from a few hours to a week depending on how much the faucet drips.

Weird analogy, but it works. You are the bathtub. The water in the bathtub is your personal energy. The water from the faucet is energy from external sources. The water that leaves through the drain is energy expended from internal sources also known as "giving energy".

During energy healing if you use your own personal energy without first increasing the flow of universal energy entering you it is like leaving the faucet off and pulling the drain plug.


Couldn't you just expend the energy, then refill by tapping in to outside energy sources? Sure, but it's a roundabout way of doing things. There's also another reason for using white light universal energy instead of your own personal energy sources.

White light universal energy is infinite. It is abundant and never ends. It is also larger than any one individual person. By using white light universal energy your energy healing work will be much more powerful and effective than using your own.

So what are the effects of using your own personal energy? Common sensations include feeling drained, tired, and worn out. Other common experiences are getting a cold or flu shortly afterwards. Depleting your personal energy weakens your auric field, making it easier to get sick, be influenced by negative emotions and thoughts, and become imbalanced.

You can try this out for yourself if you like. Do a practice energy healing session on yourself without doing the waterfall of light technique beforehand, then repeat the practice session including the waterfall of light technique before you begin. See what differences you feel. This is optional. If you do not want to experiment with this you don't have to, but the course is founded on students coming to their own conclusions, so we offer it as an option.

Doing this on a self healing will not drain your personal energy to the same extent as if you were doing a healing session on another person, animal, place or thing. It becomes more pronounced when doing healing work on someone or something else because the personal energy is leaving you completely and going in to the other object.

In the private healing sessions, workshops and lectures we've done, the biggest question that gets brought up over and over again is, "Why do I feel drained/my pain get more pronounced/get sick after I do energy healing work on others? You can skip that trap by simply tapping in to universal white light energy.


There are many techniques for increasing the flow of universal white light energy into you. We've already covered one, the waterfall of light technique. Do this technique every time you do a healing session on yourself. It is a simple and effective method.

In later modules we'll cover additional techniques for increasing your flow of universal energy. These techniques are tools. They are very handy for beginners. As you advance in your skills, you will simply "will" the flow to increase and you will feel it increase, we call it tapping into the divine. Remember, it's all about intention. You set your intention to increase the flow of universal energy coming into you, and it does. The waterfall of light technique is an aid that helps while you're still developing the skill of intent.

Practice the waterfall of light technique again.

Waterfall of Light Technique

1. Stand up and feel your feet touching the floor beneath you.
2. Stretch your arms up over your head.
3. Feel the sensation of your fingertips reaching towards the sky.
4. Say, "I bring the white light energy of the universe into my body, receiving it's healing strength."
5. Now visualize a waterfall of pure white light gently raining down on you from above.
6. It flows down on top of your head and into your body.
7. As the waterfall of light pours down on your body and your light being, it fills every cell in your body.
8. Feel it's refreshing pure energy filling you with healing.
8. When you are ready, gently allow yourself to come back from the healing state.

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