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Before you begin a self healing session, set your intention. This step let's the universe and your spirit guides know what you wish to accomplish. Often your intention will be for healing, but you can set any intention you want, and you can set specific intentions as well. An intention for healing is the default. Let's practice now.

Intention for Healing

Supplied by Patrick

Intentions can also be set for a specific condition or a specific type of healing. Examples of some common intentions are setting an intention for:

* An emotional healing
* A physical healing
* A spiritual healing
* A specific health issue or condition
* Bringing more joy into your life
* Releasing emotional wounds
* Releasing a negative thought pattern
* Connection with divine spirit
* Finding your spiritual path
* Balancing a specific chakra

The intentions listed above are examples. Work with the energy of intention and see what it can bring to your life. The universe likes focused intent. It is easy for universal energy to work with you, if there is a focused intent.

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Energy healing can change your life.

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