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"You are thinking. Stop thinking. Just do."
Words of wisdom from the book Shaman, Healer, Sage by Alberto Villoldo

Learning energy healing isn't the same as doing energy healing. This course is designed to give you exercises and practice sessions in each module. Every time you practice, you strengthen your abilities.

Module 1 introduced you to the concepts of different types of energy and how universal white light energy heals your energetic structure. This module is going to get you started with practical hands on experience. We'll introduce you to deeper theories later. Right now, it's about learning the basic steps of hands on self healing.

These first lessons are set up similar to a children's dance class. In dance class you learn one step really well, and then another. Then those steps get combined until it creates a small series of steps. Then before you know it you are putting them all together and they create a dance routine.

Learning to do energy healing is very simple when it's broken down into small manageable steps and that's how these first few lessons of the course are laid out. Rather than trying to learn everything all at once, we're going to focus on one simple step at a time.

The Six Steps of Energy Healing are:
1. Setting your intention.
2. Setting an energy filter.
3. Opening yourself to universal white light healing energies.
4. Activating the energy centers in your hands.
5. Channeling healing energy.
6. Closing a healing session.

Before you begin, turn off your telephone, hide your cell phone, and make sure anyone else present in your home understands you will need a minimum of one hour with no distractions.

As you advance in your healing abilities you will not need formal steps to activate the healing energies and the energy centers in your hands. It will become a natural process. You will simply will it and so it will be.

When just starting out though, it helps to follow formalized techniques through each of the steps. Over time you will become more aware of the subtle energies in your body and the subtle energies of the universe. At that time, you will not be thinking any longer, you will be feeling, you will be doing. At that time, these 6 steps will happen intuitively without the need for special techniques. For students, these steps are still essential to your learning process.

While you are doing the lessons in module 1 focus on what you are feeling rather than what you are thinking. This will aid you in tapping in to your intuitive healing powers.

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Energy healing can change your life.

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