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This module may appear to have rambled at times. It talked about the three stages of healing. It talked about the 90% rule of manifesting illness and life situations. It talked about the 10% rule of karmic influence. How does it all tie back to energy healing?

Doing a review of how you got here is one of the most important action steps you can take for healing a health issue or a life issue. Examine these 5 review steps:

1. Take Responsibility: Review the 10% rule and the 90% rule. Have your actions in any way created the situation or is it karmic? If it falls into the 90% rule, take responsibility. If it falls into the 10% rule, sit with the situation, try to move past perceptions of good and bad, and see what spiritual growth is possible from the situation.

2. Discern What Caused It: If the health issue/life issue falls into the 90% rule, take time to discover the root cause. How have you been manifesting this issue into your life? What changes do you need to make to stop manifesting it?

3. Stop Manifesting It: Once you have discerned in what ways you've been manifesting the issue, stop those actions. Don't pile more on top of the situation. This goes for health issues as well as spiritual, mental and emotional issues.

4. Start Manifesting Something Better: The fourth step is to start manifesting something better. This means taking action steps such as choosing new life goals, better health habits, etc.

5. Heal the Issue: You have now reviewed the issue to see if you were manifesting it, you have searched for the root cause of the issue, you have eliminated the actions causing the issue, and you have started positive action steps to manifest a new reality. The last step is to heal the issue. This is where energy healing kicks in and does it's most powerful work.

Heal Your Life Exercise

You can do energy healing effectively without following these 5 steps, but for serious issues following these 5 steps will exponentially increase the power of your healing. By following steps 1 through 4 you start softening the stagnant energy surrounding the issue. When it comes time to do hands on healing, the stagnant energy is loose and ready to return to the flow of energy again. It makes it easier, like soaking a burned cooking pot in dish soap before washing it.

The heal your life exercise can be used over and over again. Right now, choose one issue in your life. It doesn't have to be the biggest or it can be the biggest. It's your choice. It can be a health issue, a spiritual issue, and emotional issue or a mental issue. Once you have chosen an issue, start the Heal Your Life Exercise.

Heal Your Life Exercise:

1. Find a quiet time and place and spend a few minutes contemplating the issue. Let your mind run free. Close your eyes.

2. Open your crown chakra, and your hand chakras and start channeling healing energy. Continue channeling healing energy throughout the exercise.

3. If the issue feels like it is located in a certain place of your body, do hands on healing in that location. If the issue is outside of yourself, like a relationship issue, do healing to your chest. This will open your heart to the issue.

4. While you are doing this, think loving thoughts about the issue. Release tension and stress related to it and allow yourself to detachedly send love to it.

5. After several minutes contemplate how you have manifested it into your life. What doorways did you leave open? What actions did you take to bring it into reality?

6. You may feel resentment at yourself for creating the issue. Release any resentment. Think loving thoughts to yourself. You are loved.

7. Visualize your life without the issue. How would things be different? See yourself going through your daily life without the issue being present.

8. Now visualize a new version of your life. One that is an ideal version. See yourself going through ideal your daily life.

9. If you are comfortable with it, ask for divine guidance at this time. You may ask whomever you are comfortable with. I ask spirit guides, angels and great spirit to assist. You may be comfortable asking a totem animal, God, Buddha, Jesus, or your inner child for guidance.

10. Continue channeling healing energy and gently pay attention to any guidance you receive. It may be a voice, it may be a thought, it may be a vision from your third eye, it may be a memory. Gently pay attention. Don't force this.

11. Now ask for divine help in releasing the issue. Ask whomever you are comfortable with to aid you in healing and releasing your issue. Ask for a complete and total healing at this time.

12. When you are ready, gently open your eyes and let yourself come back from the healing experience.

13. Write down any observations in your journal. There may be fragments that don't make sense, like from a dream, but write them down anyways. Intuition often reveals answers at a later time.

14. Contemplate the experience over the next week, reviewing guidance and advice that you received, and any sensations or changes in the issue that you notice.

A universal view also includes reviewing the connections between health conditions, emotional issues, energetic imbalances and mental views. It's time for you to review the connections in your life.


You're going to do a Whole Self Review to pinpoint what issues are affecting you the most. You'll cover spiritual, mental and emotional issues. We've left physical issues off of this quiz so you can focus on the root causes. You will review physical issues in depth later. Answer the questions below. You can copy and paste the questions into your journal and then respond yes or no next to them.


1. Do you often feel disconnected from the universe or a higher power?
2. Do you feel confused about your life direction?
3. Do you experience depression on a regular basis?
4. When doing the waterfall of light technique do you feel no sensations in your crown?
5. Do you have to force yourself to drudge through your life?
6. Does the idea of feeling love and compassion towards people you don't know seem like a foreign concept?
7. Do you feel disconnected from your intuition?
8. Does life often feel meaningless?
9. Are you rigid and not open-minded about other people's views on spirituality?
10. Do you often feel shaky, jittery or nervous?


1. Do you have a hard time making decisions?
2. Would others describe you as rigid in your viewpoints?
3. Do you have a hard time "turning off work" at the end of the day?
4. Do you experience insomnia on a regular basis?
5. Do your thoughts often run in circles or do you have a hard time "turning off your thoughts"?
6. Would others describe you as overly talkative or do you chatter constantly about whatever pops into your head?
7. When you meditate do you have a hard time stilling your mind?
8. Do you have strong bouts of anxiety?
9. Would others describe you as judgemental?
10. Do you often feel you are right and someone else is wrong?


1. Do you relive painful memories frequently?
2. Do you feel like you are wounded from life's experiences?
3. Do you hold grudges about things that happened more than 3 months ago?
4. Do you talk about memories from the past frequently?
5. If you think of someone who did you wrong in the past, do you feel a burning resentment against them?
6. Would others describe you as needy or fragile?
7. Do you feel overwhelmed frequently?
8. Do you cry more than two times a month?
9. Do you feel like you are not in control of your life?
10. Is it hard for you to let go of people or things?

Now count how many yes answers are in each section. The section with the most yes answers is the area of your self you should do the most intensive healing on first. If you have a tie, focus on both.

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