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Many situations that appear to fit into the 10% rule really fit into the 90% rule.

You've heard of the law of attraction and manifesting. It's not just wishing for a pot of gold and one appears. Sometimes it doesn't appear to work. Other times it does. If what you wish to manifest is close enough to where you are vibrating at the time, it can manifest. If not, it won't. Like the genie in the bottle, sometimes it won't manifest exactly as you wish. Two examples.

I once manifested a pug dog. Yep. We lived in rural Arkansas in a tiny county where the county seat only had 1,500 residents. We were out in the country away from even that metropolis. I'd been wanting, dreaming about pugs for over two years. I loved their smooshed in faces, their tongues hanging out, and their little corkscrew tails.

We were performing a funeral ceremony/life passage ceremony for our little hamster who had lived long beyond the life expectancy of hamsters. In the middle of the ceremony our dog (Sunny, a sweet mixed breed mutt) started playing with something up by the house. We concluded the ceremony and went up to see what she was doing. Lo and behold she was playing with a pure bred pug dog.

He was in bad shape with severe eye damage. Seeing as we had 5 acres and only 6 neighbors nearby we knew he wasn't a neighborhood dog. We called the one and only vet in the county and they had no records of any pug owners in the county. We double-checked with neighbors and he didn't belong to any of them.

A pug had been manifested in seemingly bizarre circumstances. How far and how long did he travel to get to us? I don't know, but spirit surely brought him to us.

End of the story, our sweet Sunny was too big and liked to play too rough with the little guy. A forest environment was terrible for him because his eyes were on level with every stick and twig on the ground. He already had severe eye damage and we didn't want to risk him experiencing more because of our lovable big pup playing too rough. He needed to be treated like a prince as someone's lap dog. We spent the money to get his eyes treated, then my pug loving comrade from work (we talked pugs together all the time) adopted little Modo.

A case of me manifesting a pug. I think of it as the universe, spirit or divine will, matching fates. My desire coupled with Modo's need for a good home caused him to find us even if we were out in the middle of absolutely nowhere Madison county, Arkansas.

And so it goes with manifestations. Think of something long and hard enough. Match your energy to it long and hard enough and it may manifest whether it fits your life or not. It didn't fit my life and I had to be brave and know that Bradford would give Modo a velvet pillow to lay on, pug relatives to play with (his mom and sister already had one each) and all the luxury of a city dog lifestyle.

Did I manifest the pug? Yes. Was the match good for my life situation? No. And so it goes. You can manifest things into your life even if they are not right for your life. Want to change jobs? Thinking about it constantly? Not making any action steps to achieve it? The universe could help out with a sudden job loss. The universe says, "Hey, you wanted to change jobs. Now go out and do it! This job loss scenario looks like it could fit in the 10% rule. Life's mystery. But if you examine it hard enough it may be something you manifested by your emotional state regarding the job.

The Last 90% Story

This is my last personal story. I use them to illustrate for you the power of manifestation, unintentional or intentional, and to illustrate why so many seeming 10% situations fall into the 90% category instead.

We wanted to move back to Arkansas. Actually spirit was the ringleader. Dreams were coming. Intuitions. Synchronicities. We were being drawn back there whether we wanted to go or not. Patrick was ready. I was hesitant. But we knew we were ready for a change. I just didn't see how.

Spirit manifested the situation for us. Patrick was involved in a minor fender-bender car accident. His car, an ancient but well-preserved old beast with only 70,000 miles on it was declared a total loss by the insurance company. It was drivable and the damage was mostly cosmetic but the cost of replacement was less than the cost of repairs.

We suddenly found ourselves a one car household with a two car lifestyle. It made getting both of us to work in seperate counties a serious challenge. While we waited for the insurance company to fix our car, spirit jumped in again. I was laid off from my work as a manager at a new age store the same day we found out the car was considered a total loss and wouldn't be repaired.

Was it tragedy? the 10% rule? Or the 90% rule? A combination. We had asked for a change. We were ready for a change. The universe provided us with the motivation to get us going. The settlement check from the insurance company provided us with the extra means to move back to our cabin in Arkansas.

The 90% in Your Life

So what is the 90% rule in your life? Look at the most pressing life situation you are facing right now. Do you see any connections to past actions or internal emotions? Did you manifest this situation? Can you see beyond the perceptions to the bigger meaning it may be highlighting in your life?

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