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The 90% rule of manifestation says you did something to create the health issues or life situations you are currently facing in your life.


But what about a baby born with aids? Or a child with a tumor? Or a random car accident that debilitates a person? Surely they didn't manifest this through unproccessed emotions! Right? More often than not, these situations fall into the 10% rule.

It is a popular belief that before we enter this incarnation we create a soul contract. This soul contract outlines certain elements of our life that will manifest. The purpose is to take us further on our spiritual journey. Sometimes seemingly terrible things happen to people for apparently no reason at all.

Our limited human perceptions makes comprehending these circumstances difficult. There is a taoist parable about perceptions. It takes many forms. Here is one version.

The Taoist Farmer

There was a farmer. One day the farmer's only horse broke out of the corral and ran away. There would be no way to plow the fields or carry produce to the market. The farmer's neighbor said, "Oh what a tragedy." The farmer replied, "Perhaps."

The horse returned, bringing with it a wild pregnant mare. Three horses meant three time the riches. More fields could be plowed. The neighbor said, "What good luck! It all turned out better than before." The farmer replied, "Perhaps."

The farmer's son attempted to tame the mare. He was thrown from the horse and broke his leg. The farmer was old and couldn't plow on his own. Now no fields would be plowed, even with three horses. The neighbor shook his head, "Another tragedy. Your luck just keeps changing." The farmer said, "Perhaps."

A week later the king's men arrived. They took all young men able to fight. The farmer's son was left behind because of his broken leg. The neighbor said, "What good luck!" The farmer replied..., "Maybe."

If we allow our human perceptions to rule us, declaring good and bad at circumstances that occur, we may miss out on larger cycles and patterns in our life. The farmer in this parable did not react to good and bad at each change in his life. He left it to the divine and went forward from where he was.

Perceptions of Good or Bad Can be False

We can live our lives in this way as well. Now I'm going to recount a very personal situation, not something that happens in this course very often. I had two miscarraiges. Two personal tragedies. As the farmer would say, "Perhaps." They felt like tragedies at the time. Several years later, still with no children, I experienced a rare circumstance. I met with a spirit guide who reviewed my soul contract with me.

This was not a "visualization". This was 100% real. I was on sacred grounds. It was a sacred moment, a turning of the third cycle (everything runs on seven's, at the end of each seven year period in your life a new cycle is begun). The spirit guide, amongst other things, showed me my life with children. It was similar to what a near death experience must feel like, where an entire lifetime flashes by in a matter of moments. The guide then explained that bearing children was not in my contract for this lifetime. I was to do personal soul growth. I was to reach out to others and teach them as well. Having children, and the time and focus they need, would keep me from this work.

This is why I believe in soul contracts. It was the most powerful experience of my lifetime, meeting with this guide and having him review my soul contract with me. Evidently I was on the verge of veering off my path strongly enough that he/it/they decided to intervene. That experience was powerful in a way that is hard to convey through writing. It was life changing. It also taught me not to look at life as tragedy and to understand that there are larger karmic cycles at work. Keep the 10% rule in mind in your life. It could be the universe stepping in.

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