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Around 90% of health isssues and life situations are caused by something a person has done. The other 10% are karmic. (Taking a universal view, even the karmic 10% are caused by something a person has done, often a soul contract before this incarnation.)

Let's look at a health issue that affects many people, gallstones. A gallbladder doesn't wake up one day and decide to suddenly become overly congested with gallstones. It is a gradual process.

A linear view may say, "Who knows why this happens. But it does. Anyways, the answer is let's remove the gallbladder."

A universal view says, "Gallstones developed through many years of making choices about eating habits. If the gallbladder hasn't been compromised to the level of an emergency situation, then new choices can be made that will restore the gallbladder to health."

These new choices could include eliminating oil, fatty foods, proccessed starches and dairy products from the diet. Other choices could include adding more fresh fruits and vegetables to the diet, doing energy healing on the gallbladder, and taking supplements known to positively affect gallstones like Chanca Piedra.

A linear view is powerless. It says, "Bad things happen. Who knows why." A universal view takes responsibility for the health conditions. It says, "Poor choices were made. Better choices should be made to rebalance this condition."

This 90% rule is in effect for other aspects of healing as well. It's not just physical issues. Most of the spiritual, emotional and mental imbalances that effect people are caused by actions they have taken or not taken, and most of those actions are caused by unproccessed emotions.


It can feel difficult accepting responsibility for the areas of your life that aren't as you wish. But it is a powerful step for complete healing.

You may say, "I didn't do anything to deserve this (insert blank___________________ arthritis, liver disease, chronic pain, acid reflux, divorce, loss of a job, fight with a friend...) The 90% rule says on some level you most likely did. The 10% left over is karmic cycles that work on a bigger scale than our human minds can understand.

This course follows the belief that the majority of conditions and issues a person faces are due to unproccessed emotions. It may sound far-fetched, but let's look at one example of how this is so:

A person had a bad day at work. Their boss was picky, one of their co-workers was snippy with them, and they just felt fuzzy and unfocused all day long. They had planned to have a salad for dinner, and all the makings are in the fridge. But man, they feel worn out and beat up. They call ahead for a pizza and pick it up on the way home.

The pizza didn't digest well, so they had a small bout of acid reflux. It kept them from sleeping well. The next day they were even more tired. They almost missed a deadline on an important project. The day is over now, but they just can't relax. They have the sensible salad from the night before, but decide to have a glass of wine as well. One glass turns to three before they know it.

The next day is a weekend. They have a slight hangover from the wine. They were going to go to the park with the kids in the morning, but they're not feeling great and they just want to relax. So they send the kids to the neighbor's house to play, and they stay inside watching some mindless t.v. While they're watching t.v. they grab a bag of chips and munch down. It's the weekend! They deserve some downtime and besides, they had a really bad week.

That evening they get acid reflux again and they notice they've been constipated. Gotta get back on that salad! They mentally reprimand themselves for making such bad choices. It's a mini beat-up session on themselves. They have salad for dinner, but it doesn't satisify them. They're craving the leftovers from that bag of chips earlier on.

Now it's Saturday night, the kids are over-energized because they didn't go to the park and burn off their excess energy, and the person feels stressed out from work, stressed out from home, and like a failure because all they wanted to do this week was stick to their diet plan.

What's Going on in This Scenario?

What's going on in this scenario? On a physical level, if they follow this kind of lifestyle for ten or twenty years, they're looking at irritable bowel syndrome, gallstones, acid reflux, and probably liver congestion. On an emotional level, they're doing a good job of not proccessing much at all. From this one week, they have some stagnant energy pockets developing in their energetic structure. On a mental level, they're beating themselves up and on a spiritual level, they feel pretty separated from the universe and what's good in life. On an energetic level, they've got some stagnant energy creeping on them and probably some imbalances in their chakra centers as well.

It all started with that first rough day at work. They entered the day with some pre-existing stagnant energy (causing the fuzzy, unfocused feeling). They had an energetic exchange with their boss and a co-worker (that caused them to feel unbeneficial emotions). They didn't proccess those emotions and as a result they engaged in emotional eating (choosing the pizza) which caused them to lose sleep that night (affecting their next day). The emotional eating choice also caused self-defeating emotions later (when they beat themselves up for not sticking with their diet plan).

We've all had weeks like this. So what is the effect of this week? If they take the time now to proccess those emotions, the dense energy caused by the energetic exchanges will start vibrating at a higher level and their energy will flow appropriately again.

If they don't and they live like this for five, ten, twenty years. They'll be looking at physical imbalances, as well as spiritual, mental, emotional and energetic imbalances.

The point of this parable was to highlight the fact that the root cause of this person's health issues came from unproccessed emotions which caused self defeating behavior.

It's easy to play the victim role and fail to accept responsibility for what is manifested in our lives. Everyone plays victim at some points in their life. The important thing is to turn this behavior around and start taking responsibility. It's a contentious viewpoint, but it doesn't make it any less true. By accepting responsibility for what you have manifested (good and bad) you will empower yourself. No one is a victim. They are in charge. Because of this, changes are possible.

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