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Modern medicine often takes a linear view to healing. This linear view sees a health condition and treats it. It views a health condition as separate from the person.

The health condition is viewed as an enemy force. Battle concepts are employed. It's you vs. arthritis. You vs. gout. It's a "fight" against cancer.

A universal view to healing is fundamentally different. It looks at the person as a complete organism. Healing occurs to the complete organism in addition to the health condition.

The universal view knows there is a reason the health condition has manifested and that treating a health condition without looking at the contributing reasons means it could manifest over and over again. It looks for the underlying causes so it can heal the "reason" as well as the condition. This course follows a holistic universal view to healing.

A Universal View to Healing Means:

* Healing the whole person
* Looking for the underlying causes of conditions
* Viewing health conditions as an imbalance rather than as a disease
* Nurturing a person back to balance rather than fighting health conditions
* Proccessing emotions associated with the health condition
* Recognizing that mind and spirit health are just as important as physical health


Contemplate how you view healing. In the past have you followed a linear view to healing or a universal view? Explore this concept internally.

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