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Sometimes a healing is completed seemingly effortlessly. It may only take one session and the issue at hand is resolved. Most of the time, it is a gradual process. This process often follows certain stages. The stages of healing are clearing stagnant energy, building an increased flow of energy and maintaining a balance point.

An analogy. There is a stream. For years, old tires have been dumped in this stream. At first the flow of the stream was not affected by the tires. It flowed around them. As more and more old tires were dumped into the stream they created an underwater dam. Not only did water not flow where the tires were, but the flow of the rest of the water became disrupted as well. Then someone came along and pulled a couple of the tires out of the stream. The flow of water in the stream improved but it didn't return to normal because there were more old tires still in the stream.

This is often how energy healing works. A healing session will "pull a few tires from the stream". It is a gradual releasing of blocked energy centers and stagnant energy. It will often take multiple healing sessions (tire removal sessions) to remove all of the stagnant energy.

People often want an instantaneous healing. Think of it instead as peeling an onion. Each healing session may peel one layer off, or a few, but there is still more onion there. Once you get to the center of the onion, the true reason for the stagnant energy is revealed. That is often when a complete healing will occur.

Clearing Stagnant Energy

The first stage of energy healing is clearing stagnant energy. This process will take anywhere from one healing session to a lifetime. There are many factors that will affect how complete a healing is.

Common Factors that Affect Clearing Stagnant Energy

* How much stagnant energy you have
* Your readiness to release it
* Energy blockages in your chakra system
* The strength of the flow of energy coming into your energetic structure
* How quickly you are creating new stagnant energy
* How tapped in you are to universal energy during a healing
* How long the stagnant energy has been in your energetic structure
* Unprocessed emotions and issues
* If the stagnant energy is connected to a serious physical condition
* The combination of healing methods and lifestyle changes you are making

Every time you do an energy healing session, you are giving yourself the opportunity to release more stagnant energy. The more you practice, the stronger your healing work will become. If you combine your healing work with positive lifestyle changes and processing of emotions your sessions will be magnified as well.

Increasing Energy Flow

The second stage of energy healing is increasing the flow of energy from the universe into you and through you. While clearing stagnant energy, you will also be increasing energy flow each and every time you do a healing.

There will come a time when the levels of stagnant energy in your system have become minimal. At this time a healing session will increase the flow of energy into you and through you. Instead of healing minor aches and pains, and minor emotional issues, you will have gotten to the "center of the onion".

This stage of energy healing is wonderful. You have acheived a place of balance within yourself. Now you will have a chance to work on karmic issues and spiritual issues. The first stage works on these issues as well, but it's so busy clearing out the junk that there isn't as much energy focused on life-path issues.

Once you reach this stage within yourself you will find life changes dramatically. Everything around you will be a subtle lesson from the universe. "Ah-ha" moments will occur. Connections with others will deepen. An exploration of your consciousness will happen.

Maintaining a Balance Point

The third common stage of healing is maintaining a balance point. Stagnant energy and unproccessed emotions have been minimized. New emotions get proccessed quickly so stagnant energy doesn't build up much. Your energetic centers are clear of blockages. The flow of energy into and out of you is swift and clear.

Similar to a weight loss program, you are in the maintenance stage now. Energy healing sessions will help you proccess emotions as they come, they will keep your energy centers clear and flowing and any stagnant energy that does develop will be easily removed.

Now is the time to see if your new level of clarity can be maintained. At this stage, you are ready to start practicing healing work on others professionally.

Spontaneous Healing

A variation of the three stages of healing is spontaneous healing. A person can experience a spontaneous healing typically associated with a specific condition.

All of these factors are commonly in place for this to occur: A person is really, really ready to release a specific issue, they have been doing intense proccessing and explorations about what led them to experience the issue, and they have tapped into universal energy strongly, perhaps even calling in their spirit guides or angels to assist. Karma also can lend a hand with spontaneous healings.

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