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Sound healing community forum.

Sound Healing Forum

Read sound healing experiences, questions and answers that our visitors have shared....

Light - Sound - Energy 
As a musician for many years, I have discovered how sound can also be a deep healing you may experience while playing. If you have musical aspirations, …

Crystal Chant  
I consider myself a left brain person. Though I dwell in energy practice like taichi and shiatsu I still have that scientific voice in my head that keeps …

What the? (strange sounds!) 
Could someone help me understand. I've just started listening to frequency healing tracks and I a few times I've been hearing strange chords/(voices?) …

SOUND HEALING RETREAT: Sacred Music Meets Sacred Nature : July 15-21, 2010 
A Vox Mundi Project: Join Silvia Nakkach & the international Vox Mundi faculty for a fantastic experience of creation, magic, and community, exploring …

Crystal Singing Bowls a Beautiful Experience 
Crystal Singing Bowls: A Beautiful Experience... A friend of mine, named Liam, is extremely into Buddhism and other new-age religious experiences, …

Om Mantra Meditation 
Om...........Om.........Om............ This was the chanting I could hear from one of our neighbors house at around 5 a.m. in the morning. The sun had …

Energy Healing Story Crystal Singing Bowls at a New Age Party 
This is a story about what happened to me a few years ago, when I was invited to a friend's metaphysical theme party. My friend and her friends were …

Namyo Ho Renge Kyo Mantra 
Namyo Ho Renge Kyo Mantra I am a 49 yrs old Hindu woman. I was brought up in a religious yet open minded atmosphere at home. My father would chant …

Energy Healing Story The Chanting of Tibetan Monks 
I recently had the opportunity to assist a tour of Tibetan Buddhist Monks visiting the US. I drove them to appointments and helped feed them, bring …

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