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Do you have a great story about crystal healing or working with crystal energies? Do you have a question to ask or an answer to offer? This is the spot.

Healing Crystals Forum

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My amethyst crystal turns to blue. 
Question: I am a massage therapist and energy worker. Every time I work on a particular client my purple amethyst crystal turns to aqua blue for several …

What are the properties of labradorite? 
What are the properties of labradorite? Answer: Labradorite is best known for its ability to increase psychic awareness and divination skills. It is …

Crystals to attract love 
Question: What crystals or stones should a pisces woman carry to attract a libra man for love? Answer: Hi Kathy, Libra's birthstone is opal. There …

Energy Healing Story Malachite Crystal for my Heart Chakra 
I've been doing various forms of beadwork for years and lately I've been including gem healing stones in my work. I've used quartz, sodalite, tigers …

Energy Healing Story Crystals Helped my Depression  
A few years ago I started to experience very bad bouts of pain in my lower back. As a long time senior carer within the national health service I initially …

Energy Healing Story How I Started My Crystal Healing Journey  
My name is Tanja, and I’m one of the two writers here at I wrote this page as a personal story of my journey with crystal …

Energy Healing Story Flourite Crystal Ally 
When I was a teenager I started looking into the use of crystals as meditation aids. One of the first ones I was given was a purple fluorite crystal, …

crystal mandalas Not rated yet
I find that a crystal ball or egg will hold a charge for a more lengthy time when placed on its own crystal mandala card. It's easy to glue the tiny or …

Crystal/Gem identification help..please :o) Not rated yet
Question: Hello, I am new to crystal energy and healing but I am very interested. I purchased some crystals at an estate sale, an elderly woman had owned …

Which Crystal to give a friend with Breast Cancer Not rated yet
Question: Hi, A firend of mine has just been diagnosed with breast cancer. She is 32 and was only diagnosed last week, she found a lump in March which …

What's the best crystal for healing lung cancer? Not rated yet
Is there a particular gemstone that is good for lung cancer? My step grandfather was just diagnosed with lung cancer and told he has 3 weeks-3 months to …

A Crystal Stopped my Bad Dreams Not rated yet
I had never had much experience with healing with crystals, but I had a friend who was really into crystals and all natural remedies. She used to read …

Energy Healing Story My Dads Power Crystal Not rated yet
Do you believe in crystals healing properties? If not, then try to listen to my experience with an open mind. So many people believe that crystals …

Energy Healing Story Rose Quartz Calmed my Dog Not rated yet
I was once skeptical about the validity of healing with crystals, especially the notion of crystal healing for pets! But as a former naysayer of the …

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