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Which Crystal to give a friend with Breast Cancer

by Lottie

Question: Hi,
A firend of mine has just been diagnosed with breast cancer. She is 32 and was only diagnosed last week, she found a lump in March which was tested and was found to be benign, however the lump has increased in size and she went for further test and it has now been diagnosed as cancer. The cancer has also spread to her lymph nodes and she is waiting to find out if it has spread to her bones or any of her major organs.

I am going to start treating her with Reiki as a complimentary treatment, however, I would like to use crystals during the reiki sessions, I would also like to buy her a crystal that she can wear as a pendant, my question is which type of crystal would you reccomend for me to use during the reiki and for her to also wear as a pendant.

At the moment she is being very pragmatic and positive about her diagnosis and treatment, which is fantastic, I don't think the reality has hit her yet as she feels really well, I know that the chemo will make her feel unwell and I want to help any way I can, therfore I would be really grateful for any advice on the types of crystals I could use?

Kind regards


Answer: Hello Lottie, First let me say we'll be sending healing energy to your friend. As far as a crystal, my absolute favorite for this sort of situation is rose quartz, especially since a pendant will sit near her heart chakra center and near the location of the cancer in her body.

Breast cancer is sometimes considered to be brought about because of anger, resentment, emotional wounds, and feeling unloved. Rose quartz provides people with the ability to share self-love with themselves, and it makes a perfect stone for anyone who is ill.

Traditionally stones like jade and serpentine are considered powerful physical healers. Sometimes they come in handy for emotional healing and simply easing the tension in a situation. I used serpentine when someone close to me was passing away from natural causes. It did not heal his physical body (this wasn't expected at 89 years old), but his passing was very smooth and comfortable. Serpentine is powerful and gentle.

Many blessings to your friend and we will be sharing positive energy your way.


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