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What's the best crystal for healing lung cancer?

by Stephanie
(Ottawa, Canada)

Is there a particular gemstone that is good for lung cancer? My step grandfather was just diagnosed with lung cancer and told he has 3 weeks-3 months to live. I believe in energy healing and the power of crystals and I would like to do anything I can to ensure he has more than 3 months to live.



Hello Stephanie,

In addition to conventional therapies, crystal healing can help bring about a feeling of peace and well being. Attitude can play a role in prompting a healing response from your body. Any time you actively participate in your healing process, it provides a sense of empowerment.

My preferred stones for promoting healing to either heart or lung related issues are malachite and rose quartz. Both of these stones carry healing energies and the rose quartz is nice in that it promotes self-love. I'm a big believer that having unconditional love for yourself is important in life.

Both malachite and rose quartz relate to the heart chakra which governs both the heart muscle and the lungs. For that matter, any green stones or pink stones would help.

As a side not, some people are of the opinion that green stones should not be used for cancer for fear that they will nourish and grow the cancer. I don't feel that crystals or any form of love-based healing energy work that way. White light, positive intentions, and love always bring about a benefit. Positive intentions create positive results.

Deep breathing and meditation can also help promote a healing response. Both relax your body and oxygenate cells which can help reduce stress.

In order to use malachite or rose quartz for healing, my favorite method is to hold the stone in your left hand while breathing deeply. This can be done while walking, sitting (watching a movie for instance) or any other circumstance that is comfortable. Another easy method is to place the stone(s) under your pillow when sleep.

Rose quartz can be used to make gem elixirs but don't do that with malachite. It has some trace minerals (cuprite or copper) that shouldn't be consumed. Refer to our pages on how to make a gem elixir for more information about this method.

As a necessary legal side note, I should inform you that this information is not meant to be used as a replacement for conventional treatment. It's always a good idea to check with your primary care provider with regards to your health.

Thanks for contacting us. May there be laughter in your heart and harmony in your home.

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