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What the? (strange sounds!)

by Mathieu F

Could someone help me understand. I've just started listening to frequency healing tracks and I a few times I've been hearing strange chords/(voices?) that are not there when I rewind the track...they don't last long when I hear them...What is it? It sounds so real when it happens...

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Sep 23, 2010
Strange Healing Sounds Can be Strange Indeed
by: Tanja from Energy Healing Info

Hi Mathieu,

Once during a crystal singing bowl concert we were putting on, most of the people in the audience heard what sounded like an angel singing. (Sounds crazy, but hey.) It was all anyone wanted to talk about after the performance. Everyone was making comments like, "I heard it too! It was coming from over there!"

So the answer to your question is a question, "Why does spirit do what it does?"

OK, a better answer is: When you start tapping into the divine and working with healing energies, strange things can happen. Common sensations that people experience are hearing things and seeing things that aren't there. It sounds like a case for the loony bin, but it's not.

What's actually happening is you're tapping into your intuitive side. Our rational, logical minds "filter out" anomalies all the time, things that we were taught as children "don't exist". It's almost like a cultural brainwashing.

When you open yourself to the universe, a lot of the "walls" of reality you've set up start to fade, your intuition awakens, and you may see, hear, or know things that don't seem possible.

I don't know if the frequency tracks you've been listening to have crystal singing bowls in them, but with crystal bowls there are frequencies that combine when more than one bowl are played together. They create new frequencies that don't exist otherwise.

When listening to the bowls many people report hearing different things from them at different listenings, and some people hear the voices of departed relatives, angels (as in the case mentioned at the beginning), and strange sounds all around.

Sound is powerful. Very powerful. Another "strange" occurrence is the similarity in sounds made by the rings of uranus and singing bowls. It's an interesting read if you want to take the time.

I'm sure what you hear in the frequency recordings you have are real. They're just real on a different dimension than this one. Consider it a gift that you're tapping into them.


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