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What Size Crystals are Most Effective for Energy Healing?

by Craig Stangland

Question: One thing I can't seem to find is what is the minimum size a crystal should be to be effective? Also, has anyone done any experiments to determine how the mind might be influencing the effects of crystals as it's been shown to do with water? Do all or some crystals work together better or become additive or can you put two crystals next to each other and have them cancel or degrade each other?

Answer: Those are great questions! I'll answer them all individually from first to last. The question of size is a question I have gotten frequently in my experience working with crystals.

Technically speaking, because we're working with energy, any size will do the job. The original programming or natural energetic qualities of a crystal are present regardless.

The size factor plays a role based on your belief system. If you don't feel confident using a tiny stone, it's not going to work for you. Use a larger one, using only cost effectiveness and your feelings as guidelines.

Another factor regarding size is accessibility. If the stone is going to be used to change a belief system you've had for many years, you should plan on wearing it or carrying it with you on a regular basis. That limits the size to wearability (for jewelery) or carryability (for a pocket stone).

I've had great success carrying around a small tumbled stone for several days or weeks in a row. Humble stone, long term results.

If you are working on a specific project, like manifesting a particular item or working on a short term goal, you may want to choose a nice big chunk and do a concentrated powerful meditation or ceremony with it, perhaps 15-30 minutes a day for a week or longer.

If you like extended rituals, do one designed specifically for your intent with a large geode, cathedral or carved stone. Again, your belief systems are the major factor to work with. Choose a strategy that you know will work and it will.
Your second question is simple to answer.

I haven't seen much science applied to the quantum physics of working with stones. It's all still in the realm of intuition and personal experience. I feel very strongly in the intent being the major influencing factor but proving it scientifically is difficult if not impossible using current scientific methods.

This is a good thing. This means that if you keep your intent very pure for the duration of your work with any crystal, the power of your mind helps as much as the energy of the stone. I operate under the assumption that my crystals are completely attuned to my thought processes and emotional states and will be affected accordingly.

Your last question regarding synergy of stones is my favorite. There is definitely a synergetic effect when working with diverse crystals. Clear quartz always amplifies any stone it is paired with.

Transformative stones (like moldavite or elestial quartz) always work best with a focus stone. An example of this is moldavite paired with Rose Quartz. This will stimulate a powerful transformative event or series of events towards being more compassionate and loving. A potentially scary alchemy would be moldavite with obsidian.

Triggering a powerful transformation towards being grounded could bring on a sickness or injury that forces you to focus only on basic, survival issues. This event would still be for your highest and greatest good, but it may not come about with ease and comfort. This example may be a bit extreme but transformation is powerful.

In the moldavite/obsidian example, you may want to use snowflake obsidian instead to make it a more balanced, gentle event.

If you would like more comprehensive information regarding crystal alchemy, I would suggest The Book Of Stones by Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian. Well written, comprehensive, and beautifully illustrated, Robert and Naisha provide depthful insights into the individual stones and how they interact with one another. This is my favorite book on the metaphysical properties of stones.

One last note, I've never read about or experienced a situation where one stone cancelled another. They always seem to synergize, instead.
Again, thanks for the thought provoking questions. I wish you the best in getting to know crystals.

Dream well and Blessed Be,

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