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What does my dream mean? Deceased father and mango.

Question: Hello, I had a dream of father who has recently passed away. He was in a off white dress and looked very healthy as compared to his health struggle before his death. We both hugged each other & then went for a walk.

On the way he wanted to pluck a mango from a tree. when I asked him why..he just said, "I want it." & the dream ended.

Can you help me understand this? I feel very close to him when I get this kind of dreams.

Answer: Dreaming of people who have recently passed over is a way for them to come back and give their good-byes. Sometimes, especially if someone is very ill at the end of their life, they are not in a position to share their final messages and wishes to those they love.

This sounds a little cliched, but your father appearing healthy and dressed all in white is an indicator that he has passed on to a more peaceful place. White is a color and symbol of purity and the fact that he was dressed all in white is a strong showing that he has crossed successfully and is not "trapped" on this plane as a ghost.

Plucking a mango from a tree can have several different meanings. The most common "traditional" meaning associated with mangoes is fertility and sensuality. That meaning isn't the one I pick up from your dream interpretation though.

Mangoes in dreams also signify healthy living, healthy choices, abundance having plenty.

Think on these things to find out what the mango signifies for your dream. Was your father an unhealthy eater in life? If so, he could be sending you a message to take care of yourself.

Or did your father focus on not having enough in life? Did he always want more than he had? If so he could be sending you a message to be satisfied with what you have because the richness of the life experience is more than any physical possession.

See which of these two meanings resonate with you and apply them in your life.

Having dreams of deceased relatives is a wonderful blessing that we are sometimes lucky enough to receive. Enjoy these final moments with your father and know that he loves you very much to come back and visit you.


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