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What are the properties of labradorite?

What are the properties of labradorite?

Answer: Labradorite is best known for its ability to increase psychic awareness and divination skills. It is linked to the third eye and will improve inner vision and intuition.

Labradorite can be used to enhance any psychic ability including: clairvoyance, telepathy, astral travel, past-life recall, and lucid dreaming. It is also useful for tapping into hidden meanings involving animal spirits or dreams.

Thanks for bringing that stone to my attention. I'll be sure to add it to our our metaphysical properties of stones list. I'll also check into my own life events and see if there is anything I should be giving extra focus.


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Nov 22, 2011
Really wild Labradorite story
by: Anonymous

yes it is a lovely stone with lots of mysterious ways. It is very protective in fact due to its protective qualitys it is unable to participate in wrong doing no matter what influences are used to persuade it. Wild huh? :)

Another odd thing about it is that it can "hide" or make itself invisible for short periods of time. I found an egg-shaped Labradorite at a thrift store but its a wonder i ever found it cuz it had stuck itself in the crevice of a wall and shelf, dulled its appearance so much it looked like water damage! (To this day I beleive my guides were leading me right to this stone!) im sure thats why people hadnt bought if they did find it - it just looked damaged somehow... i wasnt even sure it was Labradorite so i pulled out my pendulum and asked :) It has gold Lab in it as well as the green/blue/yellow flashes thats what made it look so "bad" so dull.

Well i polished it up and talked with him (yes masculine nature) and his story was interesting and touching. He was glad to get away from the ppl he lived with and was not happy abt being pulled into another home so quickly! I smudged/cleansed him repeatedly checking to see if his comfort level was increasing, he would ask that i continue smudging! Took abt 20 minutes before he felt clear.

My heart went out to him and i know ppl will think im crazy but this is my experience with Labradorite. He is content to be an observer in our crystal village and participates on friendly civil level but no deep invovlment stuff for him! LOL wont even meditate with me! Thats ok. In time we shall see the true blue spirit of this wonder stone again!

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