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Wedding Planning Day turned into an Impromptu Group Reiki Healing

by Kayley Bennet
(Amherst, Massachusetts)

In September 2004, as I was in the final stages of planning my wedding, I had a meeting with my cake maker, who ironically was also a Reiki therapist.

I went to meet with her to discuss my wedding cake, and my sister and mother also joined me for this meeting. I had lost a sister in 1998 to cancer, and had been experiencing a great deal of sadness and renewed grief knowing that she would not be there for my special day.

My cake maker/reiki practitioner, picked up on the sadness I was feeling because my sister would not be there, and what was supposed to be a wedding cake planning meeting actually turned into a Reiki healing session, too.

She was able to see all sorts of things, but perhaps the most astounding was when she lay her hands on my mother and the first thing she said was "There's lots of fireworks." My mother gasped. She had lost her dad in 1968, and knew immediately that the fireworks were from her dad because he had loved them so very much. She was so surprised when she came out with that.

When she laid her hands on me a while later, she let me know I had some anger from a past relationship to deal with and I was apparently processing it through my gallbladder. She encouraged me to eat pineapple to cleanse the gallbladder, which is something I continue to do regularly.

Finally, a few months later (after my wedding day had passed), my mother went to her doctor. He listened to her heart and said, "My God, this is the best rate and rhythm your heart has ever had." I believe she may have had an irregular rhythm that had self-corrected through the Reiki session.

As for my sister, she mentioned that she was with us that night at the cake planning meeting, and when I told her that my sister used to make funny faces when she danced at weddings and sort of laughed and cried at the same time, the reiki therapist replied, "She heard what you said and she didn't appreciate it," which meant that my sister was actually there with me, which was both a comfort and reassuring, and I no longer experienced the sadness and loss I had been feeling during my wedding planning.

It was one of the most wonderful memories I have from my wedding to this day. How weird is that?!?

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