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A Virgo Woman in Love can be cautious and shy. Do you know how to get this earth sign to trust you long enough to fall in love? Read on to discover the secrets of what makes a Virgo woman stick around....

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virgo woman in love

The Virgo woman is a sensible, self-possessed, no-nonsense type of woman who is dedicated and efficient in her duties to serve. Preferring to work behind the scenes, she creates order out of chaos and is selflessly loyal, giving and nurturing towards her loved ones. Underneath the ultra-responsible and dependable facade, she can be painfully insecure, shy and unassuming for fear of getting her feelings hurt. Being so serious in matters of the heart, she is naturally self-protective and takes a cautious approach towards love.

The Virgo woman is the epitome of service and can give too much of herself away to a partner, especially in her younger years. By putting her mate on a pedestal and suppressing her self-worth, she can spiral into deep depression which manifests itself as physical illnesses. Unlike some other women who are able to bounce back from emotional setbacks easily, it takes a long time for her to recover after an emotional bond has been severed. Her lesson is to learn to take her own worth as an individual into account instead of projecting onto her partner a god-like image and putting him on a pedestal. The good news is that being such a sensible woman, she learns from her mistakes faster than most others. When she learns to trust her inner voice instead of always looking to the external world for answers, she becomes more self-sufficient and confident in making the right choices in life.


It can be hard to win the trust of a Virgo woman. Start slow and steady as friends, and let the romance blossom over time. Once you've won her over, she'll treat you like a king but that first level of trust can take a long time to develop. To keep a Virgo woman in love with you, remember to give her lots of compliments and praise. She'll flourish as long as she feels appreciated. Treat her badly and you'll find her showing you the door faster than a lightning strike.


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