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A Virgo Man in Love is fully committed and loyal. Do you know how to catch this family-oriented sign? Read on to learn how to catch and keep a Virgo man....

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virgo man in love

The Virgo man is an intelligent, disciplined, dependable and ultra-responsible character. Putting reason before passion and work before pleasure, his world revolves around reliable service and organized efficiency. His heart craves for love and romance, and he seeks the security of a committed relationship. He is likely to be a witty conversationalist who will keep you up all the hours of the night, and a loving and responsible partner not likely to have a wandering eye.


The Virgo man's faults are related to his deep-seated need for perfection and order in all aspects of his life. These perfectionist tendencies and inner insecurities can make it difficult for a lover to get close to him. Being a perfectionist doesn't imply that he has to have the most beautiful partner in conventional terms. He is less prone to having fatal attractions based on superficial externalities, unlike some of the other men in the zodiac. He is in fact looking for someone who can make him feel completed, safe and secure. Being a mental type, he has to find a partner intellectually impressive and stimulating first. Thus, intellectual rapport and communicative skills are keys to his heart.

Nevertheless, when the Virgo man is angry or upset, he can become critical, living through his version of the world dictated by his strict disciplines, rules and regulations. He can easily turn into a self-controlled cold cynic who distrusts others. His lesson is to learn the Japanese art of Wabi Sabi and release his need for perfection, realizing that the world is perfect even when it is not. When he has mastered this he will learn not to lash out when upset with sharp criticisms that can leave others licking their wounds.

To catch your Virgo, open up to him with long conversations. Don't be afraid to share your opinions and let him get to know your belief systems. Virgo's are very heady creatures who love to commmunicate. They are excellent at listening as well as talking, and trust those who glibly speak their minds. Once you've caught your Virgo, communication is key to keeping him in the long run. For a smooth relationship make sure to let your Virgo know right away if he hurts your feelings. If he falls into critical tendencies it's important to stop them as soon as possible or they can become habitual.


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