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A Virgo and Virgo compatibility match can be excellent and fulfilling. Find out how these two matching Earth signs can make love last in the long run.

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virgo compatibility astrology compatibility virgo and virgo love compatibility


When two Virgos get together, they naturally share a similar outlook in life and easy communication. They also share the same astrological ruling planet, Mercury, which means these two lovers want stability and commitment...

Both are practical and security-minded individuals who work well together in a team as there are many similar interests in lifestyles and work ethics. Because Virgo has a tendency to be dominated by the Mother figure, this usually translates into service and commitment to their partners in their relationships. This deep commitment bodes well for long term astrology compatibility between a Virgo and a Virgo.


Even though both have over-analytical, perfectionist, nit-picking traits in their personalities, they will usually be more accepting of such criticisms from their mates and view them more as constructive comments rather than offensive slights.

This is a strong positive feature for this duo, because those perfectionist tendencies threaten many other astrological pairings for Virgos.


Their discriminating nature and drive for perfection make them a dynamic team in the workplace and at home with family and friends. The only pitfall to watch out for is that they can both exacerbate the negative qualities of their signs. Double Virgo astrology compatibility is set up for success under most circumstances.

The good news is that being so similar in temperament and characteristics, they are both equally aware of their shortcomings and will not hesitate to reduce or minimize any friction from occuring that might damage the good rapport between them.

All in all, astrology compatibility for Virgo and Virgo shows these two lovers have what it takes for a succesful long-term relationship...


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