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A Virgo and Scorpio compatibility match can be rich in commitment. Read about how this home-oriented Earth sign and passionate Water sign fare in relationships.

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This zodiac love match can either make or break it in the long run, depending on how well they can adapt to each other's personality.

Although Water and Earth is generally a good combination, Scorpio might be too emotional and suspicious for Virgo, who has a great need to communicate openly and effectively with his/her partner.

However they have a lot in common. Both signs seek committment from their partners and relationships, and this strength to see things through can help out during any rough patches for the lovers.


Both these astrological signs often have deep-seated issues of insecurity to deal with.

Virgo is usually adverse to risk-taking and needs their self-confidence boosted rather than undermined, whereas Scorpio has deep-bone fears of rejection and issues of distrust to deal with. This shared trait can either bring the two together or drive them apart.

It doesn't pose a serious challenge in astrology compatibility for Scorpio and Virgo, but it helps to realize what both of these signs need from a long-term partner.

Scorpio's often have a jealous streak, and it may take Virgo some time to adapt to this. In the long run, since Virgo's are most frequently home-oriented partners who don't stray, Scorpio's jealousy will ease. In the beginning though, it can be a challenge as Virgo wonders why their lover is so distrustful of them.

Virgo's often have confidence issues, and the passionate and expressive energies of a Scorpio can help to boost their lover's confidence.


The one big issue these two will face is being overly judgmental. Together they should work to overcome this tendency. If they do, their relationship can soar to new levels of intimacy and trust.

If these two can get past the issues of pride and develop more mutual trust and effective communication, then this pairing has a better than average chance of working out.

Challenges can, in some cases, work well to help Scorpio and Virgo astrology compatibility. They both possess a strong sense of commitment and will be supportive of each other's goals and decisions in life once a genuine emotional connection is made.

Also, neither is likely to leave the union quickly, giving any issues time to be worked through.

All in all, compatibility for Virgo and Scorpio shows these two could be holding hands into the golden years, bickering along the way and loving every minute of it...


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