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A Virgo and Pisces compatibility match can be balanced and pleasant. Find out how this Earth sign and Water sign fare in romantic relationships.

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Virgo and Pisces are opposites on the zodiac wheel, indicating that they share certain similar characteristics and can bring out either the best or the worst in each other.

This union signifies a give-and-take relationship because each will have to accommodate the needs of the other, yet it can have a better than average chance of working out because Earth and Water most often make a good pairing.


On some levels these two compassionate individuals have a mutual understanding. Virgo is attracted to Pisces' responsiveness and intuitive, spiritual nature while Pisces is enthralled by Virgo's encouragement, support, inner strength and practicality. These traits work nicely to support astrology compatibility between Pisces and Virgo.

Both have rather high expectations from their love relationships. Of the two, it is Pisces that has strong escapism tendencies and can be idealistic in matters pertaining to love. Pisceans have a tendency to dream about "perfect relationships", but reality often can't match up to their visions.

With other astrology compatibility matches for Pisceans this can be a big issue, but Virgo is well equipped to handle the challenge and bring their watery lover back down to earth. Virgo often curtaila this tendency in a Pisces by their grounded, practical and realistic approach to life.

Virgos also tend to be perfectionists, and this includes their relationships as well. Since Pisces is searching for "the perfect relationship" and Virgo is a perfectionist about everything, there is a good chance that these two can come close to reaching a perfect union...

These traits, which are sometimes issues in other zodiac pairings, can weave together a good relationship in astrology compatibility between Virgo and Pisces.


If Pisces is able to control their tendency to be secretive and Virgo is able to hold back on the nit-picking, critical perfectionist tendencies, they will be able communicate their concerns and needs to each other more openly and effectively.

These two lovers have a better than average chance at creating "love everlasting" together, and once a committment has been made, neither are likely to stray from the relationship.


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