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Totem Animal for Mayan Astrology

by Leni

My Mayan astrology sign is Ch'en. There is no animal totem info given for this sign. Is that info available?

Hi Leni,
The stone tablets and hieroglyphs associated with the Mayan calendar are where information about this ancient astrology system originates.

The Ch'en sign does not have a totem animal associated with it. The meanings and symbolism of the Mayan astrology system are not well known to modern man in general.

It could be that there was an animal associated with each sign originally, but the parts of the tablets that mentioned them have been damaged too much to decipher, or it could be that only certain signs had animals associated with them. Some signs also share the same animal totem with other signs.

The Mayans in existence today do not choose to share the astrological meanings of their calendar with the western world, so it is difficult to find deeper meanings into the symbolism of these signs from a historical perspective.

If you're interested in exploring your sign further, you will need to branch off from "historical information" and intuit from the known symbolism.

For me, Ch'en being a sign that related strongly to the moon and night time energies means that nocturnal animals would be closely related to this sign.

The totem animal I intuit for you currently is the Owl, which is known for wisdom and the ability to see clearly the reality behind people's words and actions.

Working with animal totems often goes beyond an astrological association. You will find that you may have more than one totem animal, or that a certain animal comes into your life briefly to share it's wisdom and then moves on from your life.

There may be an animal that stays with you through your whole life journey as well. Pay attention to the animal messages that come to you during your life.

As an example, I was once chased by a mountain lion. (Yeah, I really was). Mountain lion came into my life to teach me to be more assertive and to stand my ground. After that experience a series of dreams with mountain lions continued for a period of a year. I'm still learning the lesson of this animal totem, even though other animal totems are with me still.

It will be the same for you. What I would do is consider all of the nocturnal animals in turn and see which ones resonate with you. I do feel Owl energy is a part of your life path at this time. Start with Owl and see how this wisdom energy sits with you.


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