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Your Throat chakra is an energy center located at your voicebox. This energy center, also called the fifth or Vishuddha chakra, represents your ability to express yourself or speak your truth. It also relates to eloquence and communication.


throat chakra

Physical imbalances that can be an indication of an overly open fifth chakra are goiter or hypothyroidism. Blockages will manifest as trouble swallowing, hyperthyroidism, and frequent sore throats.

Fifth chakra imbalances can also manifest purely energetically. People with overly open fifth chakras will speak out of turn, interrupt frequently, and have a tendency to speak very loudly. Blockages will be apparent in people who are very shy, speak very quietly, or have trouble speaking in public. If you have a persistent catch in your throat, you should do fifth chakra work and eat kelp and other iodine rich foods to nourish your thyroid gland.


throat chakra colors

The color of the throat chakra is blue. Chakra color therapy for the fifth chakra is to wear blue clothing or look at blue images. My favorite method is to look at a clear blue sky and chant or sing. This engages sounds and experience with the color aspect of it and is very effective for many people.


The fifth chakra relates to the musical note G. Listen to music in the key of G, or chant the bija mantra, "HAM" (rhymes with mom). Because of the specific nature of the throat energy center, any work you do on singing, humming, or even talking will have a healing and balancing effect on your throat chakra. A good rule to follow for this chakra is to express yourself lovingly and openly, without fear of judgement.


throat chakra crystals

Blue stones heal and balance the fifth chakra. Wear a necklace of turquoise, sodalite, or amazonite or simply carry a blue stone with you throughout your day.

Many people will get a large pendant of their favorite stone and wear it daily for a full moon cycle or longer to enhance their ability to speak clearly and with confidence.


Incense or aromatherapy for the fifth chakra are benzoin, sage, eucalyptus and frankincense. Dilute essential oils in a carrier such as jojoba or grapeseed oil and dab a little on your throat and neck. You can also kick back in a relaxing bath with sea salt and essential oils. If you have a sage smudge, you can light it, blow it out and put it in an abalone shell, then chant or do deep breathing.


Other things you can do to balance your throat chakra are positive affirmations about free and clear self expression. Stand in front of a mirror and proudly declare, "I speak freely and clearly" or "I speak my truth with confidence". A daily habit of chanting, toning, singing, or humming is fantastic for developing a happy fifth chakra. Deep breathing is another great habit for your throat, heart, and solar chakras.


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