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The three levels of reiki: The ability to channel Reiki is traditionally broken into three levels. Each of the three levels has unique benefits that make channeling Reiki energy easier and with more positive impact. When I was first attuned to the energy healing modality Reiki, a new world was introduced that allowed me to directly increase my quality of life.

For the first time ever, I felt as though I was completely responsible for everything in my Universe. Everything. This may seem scary to some but for me it meant that everything that happened in my life was my choice. Nothing could be more empowering than having the confidence and the ability to change every aspect of my life to be in alignment with my highest and greatest good. three levels of reiki

Getting attuned to the three levels of Reiki was one of the single greatest blessings I have ever received. My life has improved more than I can put into words.

My awareness has expanded to levels I could not have conceived of earlier in my life. I am still having the human experience, which means challenges are inevitable, but I know that I will never be faced with anything I cannot handle.

The three levels of Reiki are bestowed upon a student through a process commonly referred to as a Reiki Attunement. During the attunement process, the Reiki symbols will be placed into the student's aura and the palms of their hands. This allows the Universal Life Force Energy to be channeled and used with the certainty that it will always represent the highest and greatest good of all.


The first of the three levels of Reiki teaches a student how to channel Universal Life Force Energy. Universal Life Force Energy is an infinite source of pure energy. Reiki Level One allows a student to channel this energy through the crown chakra and out again, usually through the palms of the hands.

The First Level Reiki Student Will Learn:

* What Reiki is and how it works
* How Reiki differs from other types of energy healing
* How to heal themselves
* How to treat animals and plants
* How to treat other people
* History of Reiki
* The Reiki Five Spiritual Principles
* Alignment with Reiki Guides

First level Reiki students permanently gain the ability to heal others, primarily on the physical level. As humans, we are having a physical experience. Reiki allows the student to improve any situation. This deserves repeating. Reiki improves anything and everything it is channeled towards. Reiki always works. It may not work in the way we expect, but it always works.

After the first attunement, the student will release many energetic blockages. This means that stagnant energy in the student's energetic structure will be moved which will heal the student of some of their own hangups. This can be uncomfortable but is a vital part of healing. This means that old aches and pains will be felt again. This pain is a signal from the body to apply healing energy. Using Reiki on the sore spots will not only relieve the pain, it will permanently remove the stagnant energy associated with the pain. This is incredibly beneficial. Physical pain manifests where energetic stagnancy exists. By removing the stagnant energy, the pain will be healed and will not come back unless we remanifest the stagnant energy.

One last thing I would like to explain is about Reiki guides. Reiki guides are spirits dedicated to helping students of Reiki in how to personalize their skills. They help to make sure the reiki symbols work properly and to guide the students to use their skills whenever needed and appropriate. Reiki guides can manifest in any form, usually appropriate to the student's belief systems, ie. angels for christians, nature spirits for followers of the Native American Path, etc.

If a person does not have a particular belief system, the Reiki guides will either not manifest or will simply be intuited or 'felt'. For instance, atheist Reiki students will oftentimes not manifest Reiki guides but may still benefit by having an increase in their intuitive skills.

When channeling Reiki, I would highly suggest that you ask for assistance from any and all Reiki guides. They won't help unless asked but when they do, the results can be exponentially more powerful. In my own experience, I have come to the conclusion that it is always a good idea to ask for assistance.


The second level of Reiki allows a student to heal the emotional and mental aspects of the self. The student will experience a huge increase in the amount of energy they can channel which will result in faster healing.

One of the most exciting aspects of the second degree Reiki attunement is the ability to channel Reiki beyond the boundaries of space and time. The ramifications for this are tremendous. I have been practicing Reiki daily for over 12 years and I am still discovering new and interesting ways to use this ability.

By being able to transcend space and time, often called distance healing, we can heal ourselves and others of physical, mental and emotional traumas that occurred at any point in our existence. The difference in healing them in the past and in the present is that by healing them in the past, it will oftentimes also release traumas that we manifested as a result of the initial experience.

After receiving a second degree Reiki attunement, students will oftentimes go through a period of 'emotional detox'. This is very healing to the emotional body. The student must remain aware that old emotional patterns that no longer represent their highest and greatest good will need to be processed during this time. As with the first degree attunement, this can be uncomfortable but is an important part of the healing process.

The Second Level Reiki Student Will Learn:

* The Reiki Symbols including: Cho ku rei, Sei He Ki, and Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen
* How to improve results using the Reiki Symbols
* Healing beyond space and time (see above for more info.)
* Advanced knowledge of how physical imbalances are caused by mental and emotional trauma


The third level of Reiki allows a student to reach maximum healing potential and to pass attunements. Much of the learning of Reiki Level Three is about what it means to be a Reiki Master. Additional techniques are sometimes taught that benefit the practice of Reiki. Scanning for imbalances and advanced methods of diagnosing are included. Traditionally, Reiki level three represents reaching full potential. I feel that there is no end to the learning involved with Reiki. To borrow from an old cliche', Reiki is not a destination but a journey.

Every day is an opportunity to learn. Practice Reiki as often as you can. Like all skills, the more you practice, the better you will get. Your understanding of this amazing gift will deepen far beyond what most can imagine. I truly believe that Reiki can play an active role in reaching true enlightenment.

The Third Level Reiki Student Will Learn:

* How to pass a Reiki attunement
* The Reiki Master Symbol: Dai Ko Myo
* The Reiki Symbol: Raku
* How to Teach Reiki to Others

The three levels of Reiki are an opportunity to align yourself with your highest consciousness. By gifting yourself with the three levels of Reiki, you are giving yourself one of the finest gifts a human can receive.

I would encourage everyone to have a Reiki healing session. Be completely open and receptive, knowing that it will only represent your highest and greatest good. Pay attention to how you feel during and after the session. Allow yourself to be guided to pursue it further even if it just 'feels' good. This feeling may be an intuitive nudge to become more familiar with the practice of Reiki.

If you find yourself intrigued about the three levels of Reiki, find a practitioner you trust and ask them about their particular beliefs. Reiki is highly personalized and the decision to become a practitioner should be contemplated. Meditate on it and, if you feel nothing but good feelings about it, gift yourself with an attunement. Invite your potential into your life and enjoy the ride. Thank you for visiting our three levels of reiki page.

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