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Your third eye chakra is an energy center in the middle of your brow. This energy center, also called the sixth, brow and ajna chakra, represents your insight, intuition, and intelligence.

It also relates to psychic awareness, sometimes referred to as the sixth sense. Lucid dreams and dream recall are components of the third eye energy center. This chakra embodies the purposeful use of imagination.


third eye chakra

Physical indications of when your third eye is too open are frequent headaches, and red, itchy eyes, seizures, or brain tumors. When your third eye is closed or blocked, you may have poor eyesight, difficulty seeing at night, or have poor hearing.

On an energetic level when your sixth chakra is too open, you will be too daydreamy, unable to focus your attention, have anxiety, or panic attacks. When there are blockages, you could be depressed, confused, or have very poor judgement. You may also have poor dream recall, rigid thinking, or be too logical at the expense of emotion and feeling.


third eye chakra colors

The color for your third eye is indigo. Chakra colors therapy for the third eye is to wear bright bluish purple colors and look at things that are bluish purple. Flowers are very colorful and are great things to visualize or paint pictures of for healing and balancing your brow chakra. Do an image search for indigo flowers and you'll get an assortment of cheery images to post as your desktop background.


The musical note for the third eye chakra is A. OM is the bija mantra that heals and balances your third eye. I chant OM while visualizing an indigo light in front of my forehead. Listening to classical music and daydreaming is a very light and relaxing way to engage and balance your third eye chakra. It's also a great way to stimulate ideas for your next imaginative art project.


ajna chakra crystals

I have found azurite to be very effective for activating my third eye. Other healing crystals that help include lapis lazuli, sodalite (also for throat), and sapphire. One note, don't ever put azurite in water, it has some toxic elements. Holding azurite is safe, just don't make a gem elixir directly. Place azurite near your cup of water to charge it overnight. In the morning, drink it to charge your imagination batteries.


Incense and essential oils are nice ways to use aromatherapy to heal or balance your brow chakra. Vanilla, jasmine (one of my favorites), and anise are excellent for bringing balance to this energy center. Put a little essential oil in a carrier oil like grapeseed oil, jojoba or coconut oil and dab lightly on your brow. You could also use essential oils in your unscented moisturizer or after shower splash to activate your third eye chakra.


There are lifestyle habits you can do for third eye chakra balancing. For starters, do energy work on your eyes. Keep a dream journal by your bed and write your dreams down, even if you don't remember them. Oftentimes, the intent alone is enough to stimulate dream recall and lead to lucid dreaming. You can also test your psychic skill by drawing a tarot card. Don't look at it, just tune into your mind and guess what it may be and its meaning. This is a great way to increase intuition and psychic ability.


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