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Therapuetic touch and feeling the energy move

Question: Recently my son suffered a concussion. I was doing healing touch on him and around the area of his right temple the energy was so active my hands were being rebounded away. What is this phenomenon?

Answer: When healing energies are especially strong, there is often a physical sensation associated with it. This can be experienced by the healer, the healee or both.

It can manifest as heat, a sensation of movement, a feeling of pulsing energy (similar to what you experienced) and like the energy is either pulling your hands closer or pushing them away.

When the energy feels like pushing or pulling there is often also a pulsing sensation similar to what you describe as rebounding.

I have experienced all of these sensations at one point or another, when doing healing work on others, when receiving healing work, and also when I have done self-healing.

It doesn't manifest every time, and seems to come when a healing is particularly effective or when a healing is strongly needed.

Since your son had suffered a concussion, his body was in a minor "healing crisis mode" and he was most likely more receptive to the energies than usual, allowing the healing energies to be more effective, resulting in stronger physical sensations being felt. It is a very positive sign!

I send you wishes that he is doing better, and we will add him to our healing request list for the week to send some energy his way.


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