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therapeutic essential oils

Therapeutic essential oils are soothing and relaxing...

Grandma's fresh baked bread cooling on the kitchen counter. The air just after a summer thunderstorm. The smell of clean sheets hanging on a laundry line. Nature yields an abundance of evocative scents.

We are surrounded by scents and smells at every moment of our lives. Even deep in the woods far from civilization there is the deep, rich smell of earth and leaves. Some aromas are soothing and tranquil like the ones mentioned above, others are harsh and unpleasant.

No matter what scents we are surrounded by, there is indisputable proof that they have a powerful effect on each and every one of us.

Are you curious about what aromatherapy is all about? We've created a guide to walk you through working with the subtle vibrations of scents, aromatherapy and essential oils. In these pages you'll discover aromatherapy practices and techniques, and practical ways for you to add the gentle healing art of aromatherapy into your life. Let's get started...


Aromatherapy Benefits: The benefits of essential oils and aromatherapy...

Essential Oils Recipes : Recipes using aromatherapy oils...

Aromatherapy Certification : A guide to getting certified as an aromatherapist...

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