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The power of trees

by kitkat

Greetings to all from Switzerland :-)

I would like to share with you how trees have helped me to heal myself and rebalance my emotions.

Have you ever walked among trees and felt immediately lighter and more peaceful? This is due to the fact that trees are full of wonderful vital energies that can help us realign our emotions and energies. When we go around trees and want to be healed, there is a sacred exchange that takes place: the tree takes your energetic densities (low vibrations) and in return they fill you with peace and contentment. Laying down under a tree helps to be grounded and well connected to Mother Earth and then we are more able to face our day-to-day challenges. If you put your back against the trunk of a tree it will also help to rebalance your emotions and will fill you with peace and harmony.

The tree is full of symbols: it has a solid and straight trunk and that is how our back should be as well. The tree helps us to recognize our own verticality. Its roots go deep down in the nourishing earth and just like the tree we should keep our feet on the ground. Its leaves touch the sky and this is an invitation to take care of our celestial essence. In order to live we need to be connected to both the sky and the earth. We cannot live without one of them. And the tree teaches us that. Lastly the tree teaches us to be stable, well grounded and confident, for nothing can shake him...

Today I feel stable inside and it feels wonderful :-)

I now work as an energy therapist in Switzerland and assist people balancing their own emotions.

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Mar 09, 2012
Healing Energy
by: Cynthya

Energy is so important to our well-being. I am a nurse and have used healing crystals in the hospital where I work. In the beginning of my career, this was looked at with some degree of mistrust, but these days it warms my heart to know that some M.D.s have even asked me for my healing services!

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