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The Gayatri Mantra has made me a Happier Person

My father is a very spiritual person and he has immense faith in God and the powers that exist beyond the scope of science. He prefers to live in a natural environment and live in harmony with nature instead of being against it. He chants the Gayatri mantra religiously. I live with my family and kids in another city. Once when he visited me he saw my daily routine and noticed that I was living a very stressful busy life.

Since I was pressed for time I was not giving quality time to my family. His observation was that I was getting irritated with trivial matters and passing on all my frustrations onto my family. He bought a cassette of the Gayatri mantra in which there is a continuous chanting of this mantra. At his suggestion I started listening to the mantra tape daily.

I would start the cassette early in the morning and leave it on while I did my chores. The chant had such a soothing effect on me that, where before I would be doing my job monotonously, now I was happy as I went about my day.

I have formed the habit of listening to these chants every day. Now trivial stresses in life don't have the same effect on me. Previously where I would get irritated and annoyed with the smallest of problems, now I tend to remain calm and try to find the best solution for the problem.

Before I started listening to the gayatri mantra chant tape I would forget small things. Now my memory has improved a lot. I have memorized the chant and have made it a habit to mentally keep on chanting the mantra all the time when I am working. I do so when I am doing my house work or when I go for my daily walk. It gives me solace and peace and removes the negativity from me.

I have found a very profound effect of this mantra and my behavior with my family has changed a lot. I feel more positive towards everything and do not get bothered about trivial matters. Try it for yourself. It may help you too.

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Dec 02, 2011
gayatri mantra
by: Anonymous

it is wonderful mantra and full of happiness, joyful and gives us lots of blessings in our life.

Oct 20, 2011
Benefits of listening to Gayatri Mantra in your own voice
by: Anonymous

Hi ,
I have been reciting Gayathri mantra from childhood.

However only recently I was able to understand the its amazing benefits,when I decided to listen to Gayahtri mantra[by downloading from net] at work as background. so I could focus better without getting affected by the noise around me.

It helped but I was not happy with all the Gayathri downloads[from internet] with music.So I decided to record myself chanting it and hear it all through the day at work.

To my pleasant surprise, when I heard the mantra chanting in my own voice over a day, I am able to feel all the Chakras[Particularly Agna and Sahasra Chakra] in my body vibrating to the Mantra.This is an amazing feeling, having all your body chakras activated all through the day. I started this for totally something else but got this huge benefit.

So I feel compelled to share this find with everyone



Jul 14, 2010
Gayatri The Wish Fulfilling Cow(Kamadhenu)
by: chinchin85


It's indeed true that gayatri mantra is the wish fulfilling cow. Download Gayatri Mantra from All world Gayatri parivar's site, listen to it and chant along with it.It is chanted by none Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya,who is himself the avatar of Gayatri.

He chanted gayatri mantra more than 5.5 crore times in a matter of 24 years as part of his sadhana,and thus is one of the most powerful exponents of gayatri in the contemporary time. It is said that chanting gayatri 24 times along with him,is equal to chanting gayatri 24000 times.

Give up everything in this world but never the Gayatri Mantra.Before chanting gayatri,just pray to Lord Brahma,and Sages Vishwamitra and Vashishtha for unleashing the full potential and power of this mantra,in your soul.

May Goddess Gayatri protect all of us from all physical,mental and karmic evils.

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