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A Taurus Woman in Love can be a warm and sensual mate. She's looking for a solid, grounded man to keep for life. Read on for insights to catch this Venus earth sign and keep her for good:

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taurus woman in love

Being a Venus-ruled earthy sign, the Taurus woman is a warm sensual being who craves for security and stability in long-lasting tangible things. She is readily attuned to her senses and wants emotional stability above all things.

However, her rigidity and inflexibility can cause her to be blind to the faults of others as she chooses to see only what she wants to see sometimes. As a result she can have a tendency to be attracted to men who are players.

The Taurus woman in love, as an earth sign, is often focused on the material world, even in matters of the heart. She can fall victim to choosing mates who are inappropriate for her if she bases her choices on factors like money or sex. When her bodily instincts take over, watch out! She can lose all powers of rationality and discernment as she goes after the man in her sights.

This over emphasis on materialism can cause her to feel a void, especially if she does settle down with a more materialistic man. She's looking for depth and eternal connections, but her instincts keep pushing her towards the sexy guy with no interest in long-term anything. It's because her instincts are looking for security, and external money and power feel like security.

To truly love another the Taurus Woman must go inwards and find her own strength. Then she'll be ready to settle down with her soul mate instead of a "security sign".


Your Taurus darling can be prone to poor judgment, often choosing men based on externalities instead of deeper inner qualities. She can be interested in the outer package at first, a cute face and a good job are the first things she'll notice!

She has to learn how to dig deeper beneath the surface and select a mate she is emotionally and spiritually compatible with as well. So how to make headway with the Taurean temptress in your life? Wow her with flash at first, extravagant dates and lots of attention, then slowly, over time, let her discover that there's more to you than a sexy man. A lot more! It's your job to get her to look past the superficialities, and find the real you.

When she does, she can be a lover for life, because this sign likes to settle down and get comfy with the man of their dreams. You'll have her full attention too, as you'll be the shining star in her life. Get ready for snuggled up nights on the couch watching movies and a strong connection to family and children.

Family will always come first for your Taurus woman in love. She makes an excellent wife and mother once she's found her love match.


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