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A Taurus and Virgo compatibility match, can it get any better than this for these two like-minded zodiac signs? Find out how these Earth signs fare in the long run when it comes to love, relationships and matters of the heart.

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It's like finding home for the first time when these two zodiac signs hook up. Finally someone who understands the need for practicality. Someone who is responsible and seeks success in life...

Astrology compatibility for Virgo and Taurus shows these two practical earth signs have a lot in common. Since they have similar innate goals, inner drives and working mechanisms, they are able to support each other in ways that many other astrological pairings don't.

They both crave a pragmatic partner in life, who understands the need to focus on practical matters centered around stability and security. Together they provide this for each other, fulfilling an essential need that they both possess.


As both of them are naturally monogamous when it comes to love, they are both likely to be faithful to each other once committed in a relationship. As sensual earth signs, both of them can depend and reply on each other through the good and bad times, without fear of exploitation. A Taurus and Virgo compatibility match is often grounded in reliability, practicality and honesty.

Taurus has a well known jealousy streak that often threatens to ruin relationships, however this pairing naturally downplays the issue. This is because of Virgo's slight leaning towards clinging and neediness. A Virgo typically likes to be very close with their partner, both in proximity and in loyalty.

Virgo won't stray far from their Taurean mate and this will satisfy the Taurus in the knowledge that they are safely at the center of their partner's universe. It will also help to fulfill Virgo's need for a close, solid partner, so their neediness issues won't arise as heavily as it could with other astrology love compatibility matches.


The only glitch that may emerge is an inability or unwillingness to express their innermost emotional needs at times, which may lead to a breakdown in communication. Virgo being the more critical of the two, may also frustrate Taurus with constant nagging and a need for perfectionism.

Similarly, Taurus' methodical and slow approach to matters may also irritate Virgo at times. Nevertheless, the detail-oriented nature of Virgo and the responsibility and steadfastness of Taurus should ultimately enable these two to have a lasting union if they don't become too bogged down in mundane practicalities of life.

It's a great Virgo Taurus astrology match for these two zodiac signs...


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