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A Taurus and Taurus compatibility match can be hard to predict. Read on to see how these two Earth signs can do well with each other, as long as they don't get burdened by stubbornness.

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When two Bulls get together, it can either spell bliss or disaster. Both being sensual Earth signs, they generally like the same things and find security, stability and pleasure in material comforts.

There may be an incredibly intense initial attraction to each other as their astrology love compatibility factors in their similar natures. From attraction to dating to relationship will typically follow a slow, steady pace as both are traditionally oriented. Expect a pleasant drawn out courting period between these two Bull lovers.

As both are determined hardworking individuals, they will be committed to building a relationship together and issues such as loyalty, trust and integrity rank high in this pairing. Compatibility for Taurus and Taurus is rock solid in this aspect.

They will be generous to a fault with each other and make a stable, faithful companion to the other. At the same time, they are both willing to work towards the goal of building a nurturing home environment and provide each other with adequate emotional and financial security.


So far it sounds like an ideal love match for Taurus. However, even with so many similarites there are a few snags that could develop before these two love birds settle down for good...

The problem arises when these two fixed, obstinate signs become too rigid and opinionated in their thinking and refuse to budge or give way to each other's demands.

Conflict could arise from their uncompromising nature and unwillingness (or incapability) to be flexible. It is in the Bulls nature to always be "right" and we all know what happens when two bulls from the animal kingdom get together.

Their rigidity and dogmatic thinking could lead to much dreaded temper outbursts which erupt after being suppressed for a long time. This problem is one of the only major challenges to Taurus and Taurus compatibility.


Taureans are well known for their intense streak of jealousy. This jealous tendency can break many Taurus matches with other zodiac signs. For two Taureans together, it actually works to their benefit. Since it goes against a Taurus nature to be unfaithful, neither is likely to stray from their lover's arms.

They also aren't likely to even glance in other people's directions and casual flirting is practically out of the question. This means that both partners aren't likely to experience the dreaded "Taurus and Jealousy" effect that can ruin so many other astrology love compatbility matches for them...


A romantic profile on Taurus using astrology and the zodiac shows that what they want most is to settle down for life with one devoted partner. This means that despite the difficulties mentioned above a double love match for Taurus is an excellent combination for these two matching signs.

They will be able to provide each other with a traditional, domesticated home life full of security, stability, and grounded practicality on earthly matters (such as finances and child-rearing).

If they can develop a gentle give and take relationship with one another they have an excellent chance of being lovers for life. Just remember, neither of you will successfully "lead" the relationship because both will constantly be vying for this position. Learn to share the "leader spot" in the family and you'll be holding hands for life...


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