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A Taurus and Scorpio compatibility match has strong potential.... even soulmate potential. Read further to see how this Earth sign and Water sign can work with each other to form a solid and lasting union.

Astrology Relationship : Dating Love Match Advice

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When these two come together, sexual fireworks may occur because they are both sensual signs who enjoy sharing their feelings through physical connection.

It can be an instant connection as Taurus sets eyes on the charismatic and sensually charged Scorpio. In turn Scorpio is likely to appreciate the Taureans possessive streak, seeing it as proof that their partner is crazy about them.


After the dating games are over and an initial relationship is established, these two will continue to work well together. This is due to some strong similarities between them.

They each share a deep level of commitment, loyalty and desire for security with a lover. Each will appreciate these traits in the other and it will help in making their relationship work. In this aspect, Scorpio and Taurus compatibility through the zodiac is perfect.

They both have tendencies to lean towards possessiveness and jealousy, which actually works in their favor with this partnership. With other astrology matches that strong jealous streak runs the potential of breaking up relationships.

But together, since they both possess it, it feels more natural and neither will bristle at the others possessive tendencies. In Scorpios case, they will actually appreciate it from their Taurean partner, feeling it's a proven sign of just how much they mean to their partner.


Every zodiac match has its potential downfalls and Scorpio Taurus lovers are no different.

Scorpio has deep emotional undercurrents and expresses themself through their emotions. They need to feel deeply connected to their partner physically, emotional, and intimately.

Taurus on the other hand is more reserved emotionally, sharing their feeling with their partner only on occasion. They prefer to share the depth of their connection through material gifts rather than through words.

As a result the Scorpion may wonder at times how their Taurean partner really feels about them. And the Taurean may feel uncomfortable at Scorpios frequent and obvious emotional displays.

There's also the little matter of who's top dog. Taurus naturally seeks to be in control of a relationship, and can dig in their heels when someone disagrees with that natural order. Scorpio, also being a dominant sign, doesn't understand that anyone could think they would ever play second fiddle, and will also seek to lead the duo.

This can lead to a match of two of the most stubborn wills in the zodiac, with neither wanting to back down. The relationship could hit a snag if these two don't learn how to "share" the leadership spot, with both of them steering their path together.

Nevertheless, if they are able to control the power games and their combative streaks, they have a good chance of making it for the long haul. And with the sexual chemistry between these two, they are both likely to want it to work out...


These minor issues can be just that, very minor, as long as both lovers strive to share the steering of the ship. The upsides are tremendous for this astrology love compatibility match and it is one of the best for both of these signs.

Both are naturally faithful individuals who make intensely loyal companions once committed in a relationship. This is one of the strongest features of Taurus and Scorpio compatibility.

Taurus can help provide the stability and security that their Scorpion craves, and Scorpio in turn will provide the Bull with lots of excitement while still maintaining a practical and secure relationship. The end result? Astrology compatibility for Taurus and Scorpio is off the charts...


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