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A Taurus and Pisces compatibility match is a solid pairing. Read more to understand how this Earth sign and Water sign provide each other with what it takes to succeed in love and life.

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A Pisces and Taurus compatibility match is a good combo for these two astrological signs.

When these zodiac signs meet, the Taurean will be attracted to Pisces gentle, compassionate energy. The Piscean in turn will feel drawn towards the solid foundation and strength that Taurus naturally emanates.

Together they have the ability to nurture and encourage each other's positive traits. Taurus will provide the stability that Pisces craves and Pisces will offer emotional connectivity and spirituality to their Taurus mate.


This astrology compatibility match works because of their differences rather than similarities. Pisceans are known for being dreamers, and can sometimes lose focus on practical day to day matters. In contrast Taureans are known for being practical, pragmatic and grounded in earthly matters, sometimes losing a bit of spontaneity along the way.

Together these two extremes equal out, bringing balance and completion to the relationship. Pisces provides a splash of light-hearted spontaneity and spiritual focus to their mates practical life. In turn Taurus provides strength, solidity and a bit of needed grounding energy to their emotion-driven partner.

Taurus' strength and steadfastness can provide a much-needed anchor for Pisces to stay grounded in reality and bring stability and structure in life. Being so intuitive and sensitive, Pisces inherently knows what the Taurus mate needs and doesn't hesitate to provide the intimacy and closeness the Bull craves.


What is a downfall for many other astrology compatibility matches for these two signs, is a positive note for this pairing.

Pisces can have a tendency to veer towards neediness. They like to have their lover with them as much as possible. Some zodiac combinations find this character trait suffocating, but Taurus, with traditional values and a desire to lead in a relationship, will enjoy the constant attention.

Taurus is well known for tendencies towards jealousy and possessiveness. This jealous streak can break up many Taurean zodiac matches, but with Pisces it's a different story. The Bull will be able to see just how devoted and committed their lover is to the relationship, helping to calm those jealous tendencies before they ignite.


The main issues this couple will face are rather minor.

Taurus approaches everything in life, love included, with that same pragmatic attitude. That means they may be slow to offer up feelings and emotions. Their Piscean, being a heavily emotional being, needs to feel an extremely close connection to any mate they choose.

Taurus may find their partner's expressive demonstrations of love a little too intense at times. In turn Pisces may feel their partner doesn't connect with them emotionally as much as they would like.

This is really the only sore spot for these two, and with a little work, it should be easy to overcome. If Taurus pays attention to expressing their emotions a little more and Pisces holds back on the "lovey-dovey" energy a little bit, this will be an excellent astrological compatibility match.

Water naturally nourishes the Earth while Earth provides grounded stability for Water to take root in. Compatibility for Taurus and Pisces makes for a comfortable, happy and long-lasting union.

A long term projection is that Taurus will sense and appreciate the creative streak, kindness and compassion innately present in their mate. Pisces will enjoy the stability, rapt attention, and devotion of their solid partner. Together life can be supporting, nurturing and full of love for a Taurus and Pisces astrology compatibility match.


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