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A Taurus and Libra compatibility match is better for friendship than lovers. Read more to see how this Earth sign and Air sign can get along in some ways and not in others.

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Both Libra and Taurus are ruled by the planet Venus so there is a lot in common here like an appreciation of the finer things in life: the arts, comfort and material delights. Nevertheless, both have quite different approaches to what they need in their relationships.

Taurus being an earthy, stable and practical sign relates more to security and comfort in the material realm whereas Libra is more interested in exploring high philosophical concepts and enjoys long conversations about wordly issues. Also, Libra being known as a sign that craves balance, seeks harmony in all their relationships, with friends, family, lovers and co-workers alike.

This difference may seem like a minor point, but it manifests through vastly different ways of expressing themselves which can lead to communication issues in the long run.


Taurus is more prone to share their feelings by providing their partner with physical material comforts rather than through verbal expression. In contrast Libra, being mentally oriented is more likely to express affection through words which may not be necessarily consistent with their actions.

The pragmatic Taurean won't neccessarily understand their mates lofty visions and may become frustrated when Libras intentions don't match their actions. In turn intellectual Libra can feel a lack of closeness when their mate only shows their feelings through the material realm. Libra wants long stimulating conversations about lofty matters will Taurus craves a simple, solid focus on the "matter of fact" realities of life.

This is a strong reason why Libra and Taurus compatibility may not be as good in a deep relationship, although they can do better if they are just casual friends.


Libra (although sometimes emotionally remote) essentially thrives on social communication and interaction with others, which may appear to be superficial and uneccessary for the practical and often stolidly silent Taurus.

Nevertheless, any zodiac match can work if both partners are dedicated. They can still learn much from each other. Taurus can learn to improve on their communication skills which will make their partner happy. And Libra can learn to be more decisive and practical, releasing some of their lofty notions about life and the way it should be. If both partners strive to meet in the middle, there is a chance for success, although astrologically it's not in the stars...

If there are insufficient compatible aspects between each other's chart, these two may prove to be more workable in a friendship rather than a lasting relationship in the long run. Compatibility for Libra and Taurus doesn't lend itself to the happily ever after love story.


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