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A Taurus and Leo compatibility match can be tough. Read further to understand why this Earth sign and Fire sign have a hard time in relationships.

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Are Taurus Leos compatible?

Leo and Taurus compatibility indicate a difficult aspect on the zodiac wheel. There are inherent differences in their personalities that have to be transcended before a relationship between these two astrological signs has a chance of succeeding.

Both value loyalty, fairness and justice in a relationship so they do share some similar goals and interests. There can also be an initial spark of attraction between them, but that spark is misleading as far as a long-term future is concerned.

Taurus may initially be drawn towards Leo's glamorous and appealing facade which helps to add some spark to an otherwise predictable and routine lifestyle.

Leo, who needs attention and adoration from a partner, may at first appreciate the Bull's propensity for closeness with their lover. With time, these two initial attracting elements are what can cause relationship difficulties.


Being a possessive individual, Taurus is likely to view their Leo mate as a possession to be proud of but may become too possessive for the free-spirited Lion over time.

Also, Leo's constant seeking of adulation and approval from not only their lover but others as well, may become intimidating or threatening to their Taurus partner (who has a strong streak of jealousy).

Taurus is likely to feel that Leo's need for the limelight and attention from everyone around them is a sign of their Lion looking elsewhere.

This issue is the crux of what can go wrong for this zodiac match. The jealousy issues of Taurus will be constantly exasperated by Leo's inner need for basking at the center of attention wherever they go.


Another issue the couple faces is that both are astrologically fixed signs, which means they are stubborn and unlikely to sway to each others opinions. There will likely be inevitable clashes and butting of heads when attempting to come to mutual agreement on matters.

Both will not give in to the other, eventually leading to a breakdown in communication and reaching a stalemate in their love life. Unless both have more compatible influences from each other's chart, compatibility for Taurus and Leo indicates a difficult and challenging partnership.


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